11 Signs That Says “You Are Ageing” Before Your Greying Hair Could.

Aging makes time feel faster, especially in the busy 30s balancing work, relationships, & life. But every second is precious, hence embrace it. Asked "When did you feel no more young?", men responded and it's relatable.

Feels Like Yesterday

“Still thinking the 90’s and/or 2000’s “weren’t that long ago”.” Said one.  “That was like 5 years ago, right? RIGHT??!” Another exclaimed. 

When Coworkers Stopped  Remembering 9/11

“When I stopped understanding the slang and some of our new coworkers didn’t remember September 11th because they were either not born yet or too young.” 

When Injuries Started Taking Too Long To Heal

"Injury recovery takes long," says one. "Thought I broke my collarbone sleeping on my shoulder wrong," adds another.

Being Out Of Touch With Current Popular Culture

"I've realized in my mid-30s that I'm out of touch with popular culture and celebrities. It's either the loss of monoculture or I'm getting old. The retirement of sports players I've watched amplifies the passage of time."

When I Threw My Back Out

“When I threw my back out after sneezing.” Said one.  “Threw my back out, washing my hands at work. I hunched over a little too far, I guess, and out it went.” Another added. 

When Your Favorite Songs Get Translated Into Instrumentals

"When songs get turned into instrumentals for marketing and elevator music, it's painful," said one user, after hearing a soft version of Nirvana's Heart Shaped Box in a store.

When Coworkers Start To Seem Too Young

“When I realized I could be a father to some of my coworkers….” Said one.  “Got you beat. The youngest of the nurses I work with could be my granddaughter.” Another added. 

When People LITERALLY Go From ‘Young Man’ To ‘Old Man’

"People refer to you as 'Young man' for years, then suddenly you're 'Old man'. Enjoy the brief 'Man' period," one said. "Getting 'sir' from younger folks is weird," another added.

When “When I Was Your Age…” Syndrome Hits

"I first uttered 'when I was your age' in my mid-30s. Soon it became 'when I was your age, Pluto was a planet'."

When You Get Annoyed At Stupid Things, Young People D o

"When you're irritated by youth's silly actions." One stated. "You hope they cope safely & learn from it." said another.

When You Become Invisible To Women In Their 20s

"Things hurt inexplicably. Concerts were too much and I was invisible to cute girls," a user noted the decline of attention received.

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