11 Apt Jobs For People Who Do Not Like Using Their Brians

Knowing our strengths and limitations helps us use our skills and overcome challenges. Once your potential is identified, a fitting career can be chosen. A user asked, "What is a good job for someone dumb?". Here are the best responses.


"I dated a guy who loved his job driving a county bus for the handicapped. He even decorated it on holidays and offered sugar-free treats," one user said.


“When I drove a garbage truck I had a helper who’d pop out to do the lifting. Started at about $80,000/year with the $10,000 signing bonus.”, said one user.


“Actually, the post office is a good career choice. I see signs that they are hiring. Good pay and benefits.”, said one user.


“It’s my field but I find “playing dumb” is essential. Being dumb is even better.”, said one user.


“Plenty of factory, assembly line type jobs where you do simple, repeatable tasks.”, said one user.


“Construction, roofing, garbage, please no one take offense to this.”, said one user. 


"Consider the Air Force or Coast Guard. There are great careers and benefits, and Basic Training is a motivational environment. If simple work appeals to you, try the Services Job Code. There's no rush in your training", said a user.


“Public transit. Generally unionized with paid training.”, said one user.


"Just show up, stay alert, occasionally contact police. Easy. Lots of security jobs, sign up at a temp agency for work", said a user.


"Join Amazon full-time & get eligible for career choice for CDL or maintenance training, even IT," said a user.


“Go apply to Walmart. Easy work, good pay.”, said one user.

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