10 Unhealthy Habits That Are Sneakily Sabotaging Your Well-being

Despite knowing the harm, humans make bad choices. On a forum, someone asked, "What do you do despite knowing it’s bad?". Here are the top answers.


“I’ll go a week eating about once a day, then the following week – on any given day – will inhale everything in sight. There’s no in-between.”, said one user.


“Procrastinating everything even after knowing that time is running out.”, said one user.


"Despite knowing it's harmful, I won't stop drinking. It's my social glue and the only time I see friends," said one user.


“Waiting for something good to happen instead of working to make something good happen.”, said one user.


“Smoking weed every time I get home. I get so tired and fall asleep early and miss out on the evening, but next time I come home and smoke weed again.”, said one user. 


"Ragebait articles thrive on mass sharing; even obscure politicians gain fame via reposting by opponents," a user pointed out.


“I wish I had a different life. Feels like it’s killing me inside, and yet accepting the life I have and giving up what it could be, just feels like death.”, said one user.


“Holding things in until I explode in an unhealthy manner. I’m working on it.”, said one user.


“Putting others’ needs before my own, allowing myself to feel undervalued.”, said one user.


“People give me no reason to trust them yet I’m all dumbfounded and hurt when they act shady.”, said one user.

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