Financial Drain-mageddon: 10 Money-Siphoning Habits That Are Hemorrhaging Your Hard-Earned Cash

We're human, naturally splurging on tech, designer wear or food. Here's a top 10 list of wasteful buys according to a Redditor's survey.

1. Expensive Baby Apparel

"Buy used, kids outgrow outfits quickly," advises one. Hand downs are ideal for young kids who rarely wear clothes out." More at Sell Old Clothes And Make Money

2. Cigarettes And Alcohol

"One user cited smoking as a waste due to addiction and another saves money by cutting alcohol." Debunked: 19 Frugal Myths That Don’t Save Money

3. Games Purchase

 “I messed up by downloading Candy Crush during 3 days with an empty house and 3 days off work. $60 later, I deleted the game.” said one.

4. New Designer Items

"Thrift stores are good for purse hunting. User finds lasting quality in designer purses. She buys inexpensive ones from Poshmark, refurbishes them for lasting use."

5. Caskets

"Caskets: overpriced for a dead person's comfort," said one. "I'd prefer a plain wooden box, perhaps adorned with goodbyes and prayers," said another.

6. New Cell Phone Every Year

"A user desires the newest cell phone yearly. Another held onto their iPhone 5 for 10 years until apps became unusable."

7. Food Delivery

"Food delivery costs add up," one user said. Others think it's excessive, citing services like GrubHub and Doordash's higher prices and fees. Related: How To Make Quick Money In One Day

8. Bottled Water

"Bottled water should be avoided if tap water's drinkable,” one remarked. “By quitting plastic bottles and using filters and reusable ones, we can reduce plastic waste and save money," another added.

9. Faux Leather Boots

"A user advised to buy used leather boots, as faux ones peel fast and can't be polished. Another agreed, saying thrift store finds last 1-5 years."

10. Big Fat Weddings

"Shocked at brother spending $22k on wedding leading to financial struggles. $22k is seen as budget wedding these days." Enjoy this Reddit discussion on money wastes.

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