10 Assets That Are Hard to Attain, But Easy to Lose – Do You Possess Them?

Building takes dedication but can quickly be destroyed. A user asked “What's hard to get but easy to lose?”. Here are the top replies.


"Takes a month to build healthy habits, but just a day to break them", a user confesses.


“As Warren Buffett said – ‘It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently’.”, said one user.


"Diagnosed with autism last year, I kept it to myself due to existing misconceptions. I confided in my sister, but she told everyone, and trust was broken,” a user shared.


"If you're wealthy, safe investments yield great returns. The poor, however, face bigger bills later due to unaffordable expenses now, like a dentist appointment," said a user.


“If you don’t pay attention to where you place things at the moment you’re finished with them, you will lose things all the time.”, said one user.


"Ceasing exercise leads to rapid loss of gains, vastly quicker than physique development," said a user.


A user shared, "My neighbor won £1m, lost it within a year due to poor decisions like renting a store, buying an unaffordable house. Wonder how she's doing now."


“It took me 25 years to build a good self-esteem,.”, said one user. 


"One user remarked, 'That interaction exhausted me, time to rest.' Another responded, 'Back from a 4hr nap post-socializing, ready for another.'"


"Don't give in to the idea of responsible drinking after quitting! One tried it on 'stop drinking' and failed worse. Living with 'what if?' is better." - one user acknowledged.

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