10 Things Rendered Unaffordable Due to the Influence of Wealthy People

Trends and elevated pricing among the affluent often limit accessibility. On a forum, a user asked: "What was ruined by rich people?" Here are some top replies.


"I won't pay $200 for Pokémon Emerald," one user stated. "I saw a store sell Mario 64 for $300 & a game boy color for $400. Seriously?" commented another.


"Despite being students, my partner, brother and I can't afford to live in our city's University District.", says a user.


“Urban Bohemia has pretty much died off in every city on Earth. Now music venues, pubs and clubs get noise complaints and often have to close early.”, said one user.


"Years before COVID, the event changed, resembling Coachella with luxury & exclusivity. It became less communal, pricing out long term attendees," says a user.


"Oxtail, once a cheap cut rejected by many, is now comparable to osso buco and costs around $15/lb, up from $9/lb just five years ago. Today, it's often substituted with turkey necks, the new 'poor people's oxtail'."


“From what I’ve read, chicken wings used to be the same way – dirt cheap until the buffalo style wing took off.”, said one user.


"Protest in Maine's jail over excess lobster in food," said a user. "Once a blue collar food, now a delicacy due to lack of refrigeration," another added.


"Outbid by the same people repeatedly, despite offering the asking price. They faced setbacks during Covid; one went bankrupt. An extended family member's death gave me an opportunity," one user shared.


“They used to be considerably cheaper and driven only by farmers.”, said one user.


"The middle class faces gradual destruction. Dual incomes won't be enough, necessitating extra jobs.", warns a user. "History, with its kings, generals and soldiers, repeats itself."

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