10 Incorrigible Habits Of People That Drive Their Spouses Insane

"Even perfect relationships have issues. Traits we once loved in our partners might annoy us now. A forum user asked, 'What annoys you about your spouse?'. Here are top responses."


"One user finds noisy chewing annoying. Another said, 'Open-mouth chewing is a dealbreaker for me.'"


“She’s always late. I’m always on time. This is a recurring issue.”, said one user.


"One user loves his wife but compares her sense of direction to Zoro. Another's gf often forgets where she parked."


"She says 'incentative' not 'incentive'. My wife calls deodorant 'deRoderant' & jokes about it. Hope the kids don’t copy that."


“When my wife is done with something she simply leaves it where it is instead of putting it away. Drives me insane.”, said one user.


"One user complains about a habit: speaking as if close by, despite distance & noise. This forces them to stop whatever they're doing to approach her."


"One user said, with his partner's family, plans are straightforward. But with his family, everything's a negotiation for compromises like having to be back home by 7pm, for no clear reason."


"She moves my things to 'find and use' them but doesn't tell me where. Even if a spatula was under a desk, now I don't know where it is!", said a user.


Her habit of trumping my struggles bothers me. I share a bad experience and she claims to have had worse. It’s maddening.


"My wife, whom I adore, is a mess when it comes to house organization. She leaves shoes, dishes, water glasses, and clothing tags scattered. We've discussed it, improvement is minimal," shared a user.

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