10 Things Europeans Aren’t Ready To Hear From Anyone

Americans have unique traits that can surprise Europeans. On a forum, a user asked, "Americans, what would surprise Europeans about us?" Here are the top responses.


"One said, 'You're gaining weight too.'" Another added, "Obesity in Ireland is serious, we're just as bad as America. Seeing a slim 30-year-old is rare."


"Racism isn’t just American, it exists in Europe too", said one. "Europeans brought it to America. You too are incredibly racist; racism against Romani counts", added others.

Paying for Public Restrooms

“Americans don’t pay to go to a public restroom”, said one.

Free Water

“WATER SHOULD BE FREE”, said one user.

Terrible Food

"One user said food is overloaded with seasoning and smoked. Another claimed even after dominating the spice market, food seasoning is still inadequate."

Need to Use Deodorant

"You guys stink, use deodorant. Don't just spray cologne over it", one user exclaimed. "Learn what deodorant is and use it daily", added another!

Not So Sophisticated

“You’re not more sophisticated than us. Just more pretentious”, said one user. “You’re not as sophisticated as you think you are”, said another!

Smoking Kills

“You guys smoke too much”, said one user. “I can go weeks without seeing anyone smoke. In Europe I can go seconds”, added another.


“Without Hollywood, most of your cultural references would be Monty Python skits”, said one user.

Obsession with Americans

“You care about us way more than we care about you”, said one user. “We don’t think about you even a quarter of how often y’all seem to think about us”, said another.

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