10 Surprising Ways the United States Beats Europe In Many Ways

Considering where to live? US & Europe both offer great jobs, healthcare & culture. Yet it's tough to pick a winner. So we asked 'Why is the US better than Europe?' on a forum. Here's the top reasons from the 3.1k replies we got.

1. Wildlife

“We have more undeveloped land with wild animals. It was a 3-month road trip in the U.S. and Europe. The wildlife I saw was at a 100:1 ratio. My European girlfriend couldn't believe the wildlife in the U.S. In Oakland, we regularly see deer, skunk, possum, raccoons, fox, turkeys, and coyotes."

2. Recreation

"Many say space & wildlife, add access too. Our public land is for everyone's hunting, fishing, camping needs," said one.

3. STEM Field Jobs

STEM careers are oriented to applying scientific, mathematical, and tech principles. These jobs are in high demand in the U.S with better pay and more opportunities. Average pay in 2023 was $54,824 p.a. Related: Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well.

4. Access For The Disabled

61 million adults in the US live with a disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act has made US more accessible than places like France.

5. Anything Is Possible Attitude

A Redditor living abroad misses the "anything is possible" attitude prevalent in the U.S., which he finds lacking in his current location.

6. Free refills

Many love free refills at eateries, but these aren't truly free. Increased prices or lower quality offset the cost. More: Get Free Money in 2023

7. Freedom Of Speech

"Freedom of speech is invaluable. Being arrested for online remarks is absurd," said a user. "We're lucky compared to other nations," said another.

8. Customer Service

Customer service – companies have fantastic hours and return policies and are very polite.” said one  Related: Top Chat And Email Jobs To Earn Well 

9. Space

The US, after Russia, has the most land for residents: 3,796,742 sq mi for 331.9M people. There's more privacy, less density, and space between houses.

10. Healthcare

A user mentions the quality of U.S. healthcare, access to specialized drugs, and choice for severe illnesses as its strengths over Europe. Both regions possess their strengths and weaknesses, making comparisons subjective. Enjoy this Reddit discussion.

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