Man-Eating Territories: 14 Places Where Women Enter at Their Own Peril

Both men and women have boundaries that should be respected. A netizen asked, "Where do men dislike being approached?" See the top responses below!

The Urinal

"Had a creepy experience in a sketchy bar in the Dominican Republic. Realized an unknown girl had followed me in only when I felt an extra hand!"

Men’s Room, Cemeteries

“Men’s room. Also cemeteries, but that’s maybe just me.”

When You’re In A Position Of Power

“In places where you’re in a position of power over them, i.e. teacher, boss, cop pulling them over, etc.” 

Jury Duty

“Once at jury duty, a girl flirted with me. Didn't see us as a match. Is jury duty a place to meet people?”

The Altar

“The altar. No, not the wedding, I mean the sacrificial one. The crops cannot be disturbed!” 

A Place Of Business

"Endless flirting at work. If I don't engage, I'm not interested. I avoid confrontation to prevent crises. Can't go to a local restaurant to avoid spiteful food tampering."<

When I’m Welding

“Don’t get between me and what I’m welding while I have my hood down.” 

At Work

“When I’m working. My brain is not on that wavelength at work. That being said, I’ve been hit on a couple of times at work, and I found it annoying.” 

While Eating

"There are times when I didn't enjoy getting attention while eating. This happened often in university."

The Gym

“The gym. Go for it between squat and dead-lift sets, because I rest for 5 minutes then. Otherwise, don’t.”

When Family Is Around

With family, I struggle to show my flirty side. If a girl flirts, I freeze. Alone or with friends, I'd comfortably flirt back and showcase my personality, but around family, I ignore the flirting.

At Loud Places

“Somewhere very loud where I can’t hear what she is saying. Nothing more awkward than saying what when you’re being flirted with.” 

While We’re With Another Female

“Not while we’re with another female. Even if we’re just friends. It’s rude to my friend to make them wait while I try to meet my soulmate.” 

When I’m Doing My Lawn Work

"I have severe ADHD; I can't focus on lawn work and conversation simultaneously. Any distraction sets me back. I also won't catch if you're interested in me."

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