Job Jenga: 10 Professional Mistakes That Might Sink Your Lifeboat

Some errors, especially those endangering lives, are unforgivable. Recently, a netizen asked, "What's the worst job mistake you've seen?" The replies were astonishing!

Took ‘Safety’ For Granted

"Plant manager dismissed the safety officer to cut costs, believing safety wasn't a full-time job. A week later, two employees lost their arms and a fire erupted due to neglect."

Crossed A Border With Cocaine In Their Pocket

"Forgetting cocaine in their pocket led to the Austrian border police exposing 100 cans of film stock. This resulted in a 5 million euros reshoot."

Filled Diesel Trucks With Regular Gas

"Worked at a dealership. New mechanic filled top-of-the-line diesel trucks with regular gas. Quickly fired."

Messed With Electricity

"Saw a guy get a rough shock working on a hotel dryer. We'd advised him to cut the power, but he disagreed. For a sec, we thought he was dead."

Misread A Painkiller As An Antipsychotic

"In the ER, a trainee nurse almost administered a triple dose of antipsychotic Haldol, misreading an order for anti-inflammatory Toradol. I intervened before it was given. She no longer works in the ER."

Forwarded Emails With Malware Links

“An IT worker once sent an advisory to the entire company about an email several people had received with a malware link. She did so by forwarding the actual email with the link.” 

Couldn’t Diagnose Cancer With Ultrasound Reports

"Went to a gynae for a lump in my breast, was told I'm fine. Three years later, diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Now, I'm kicking butt!"

Removed The Electrical Control Box From The List Of Supplies

An old engineer in our department cost us $12.5M in revenue over 6 years after an error caused an essential part to be removed from the product list we supplied to customers.

Caused A Chemical Fire By Leaving A Caustic Heater Turned On ALL WEEKEND

In college, I worked for a start-up cider manufacturer. One weekend, after a busy day, my coworker left on a caustic heater that caused a chemical fire. Resultantly, our warehouse burned down and the company went bankrupt. He left his co-op degree as he couldn't get another placement.

"Mixed Ammonia & Bleach: Formation of Toxic Ammonia Chloride Gas"

Worked as a maid. Stand-in supervisor mixed bleach & ammonia, poisoned me with gas fumes. Found unconscious, had lingering respiratory and vision problems.The Maid's Story

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