10 Things Partners Do That Make Each Other Resentful

Small actions can harm relationships subtly and we often realize their impact only later. Someone asked online, "What's the biggest relationships mistake?" Here are the answers:

Taking Things For Granted

"I think it’s about getting so comfortable, you take things for granted and stop communicating." said one. I’ve been with the love of my life for over ten years, and we get complacent sometimes. But we try to find something new to do to keep things spicy." another added.

Not Discussing Marriage and Kids Sooner

Discuss marriage and kids before committing fully. In a long-term relationship, if one wants kids but the other doesn't, it's doomed to fail, says one.

Lack Of Willingness To Understand Or Compromise

Often, relationship issues aren't about lack of communication but refusal to accept the partner's views. Misunderstandings and unwillingness to compromise lead to resentment and, eventually, no return.

Not Being Friends First

"One shared, "When your partner isn't also your friend". Another revealed the importance of friendship in a partner learned from his wife's past misfit relationship."

Compromising In The Beginning Only To Resent Later

"Compromising can lead to regret and ruin a relationship," one said. "Resentments are like mold, thriving in the dark, dying in the light," added another.

Trying To “Win” Arguments

"Work to solve disagreements as a team, not to "win" arguments. It's you & your partner vs the problem, not each other."

Not Leaving When It’s Supposed To Be Ended

“Not leaving/ending a relationship when it needs to be ended. Sometimes the best thing to do is to walk away.” Said one.  “Honor the expiration date!” Another added.

Not Being Able To Apologize

"Not being able to apologize is wrong. If upset, don't argue, understand why." One said. "Exactly!" another added.

Thinking That It’s One Person’s Work

"Relationships need two-party commitment" one said. "I, as a woman, am tired of carrying the emotional weight alone." added another.

Believing That Having A Child Will Fix Their Problems

"Great job, now THREE lives are tangled due to a poor choice. Both of you could've worked it out or split up. Now, a child is stuck in your mess. Big life compromises usually go awry."

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