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13 Cities You Thought Won’t “Grow” But WILL Become the NEXT Big City in India. Are You Taking Action?

India, as a country, has observed tremendous growth across all sectors in the past few years.

At the moment, about eight Tier 1 cities contribute to the country’s ever-expanding economy but who do you think can join them ten years from now? You can maybe invest in these cities and make money too! Here is what people have to say



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“Ayodhya contributes greatly to our economy through tourism after ram mandir is built.”



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“Honestly, Lucknow has everything a tier-one city has. The only thing Lucknow lacks is IT parks and job opportunities for white-collar workers.

Also, the U.P. government is trying to develop Lucknow and its surrounding areas on the Delhi NCR model.” 



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“Bhubaneswar, I’d say. Many tech companies like Deloitte, and Mindtree Tech Mahindra have started functioning in the city now. The weather is better than most cities and already pretty well equipped in terms of public transport and stuff and the metro project is about to begin as well.”



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“Lucknow x Kanpur would be the next big thing in the next 20-odd years if everything goes as planned by the Yogi Govt.

They’re planning an NCR-like model where Lucknow will have offices/ complexes of MNCs, and Kanpur would be the Industrial hub (like it was during the British) with all the factories, and these cities are just an hour away from each other. I’m hopeful.”



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“Want Guwahati to develop. It, for sure, has come a long way. Need a more developed city in North East India.”

“Might be too optimistic, but Guwahati looks more impressive each time I visit the city. Rapidly improving infra that is already pretty good, good law and order, and the gateway to the entire NE, with no other competitor cities anywhere close.

Guwahati needs to find a way to tackle the city drainage problem that causes floods during the monsoon, and it’s set as the next big city.”



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“I would say Surat. Surat is already an industrial giant comparable to Pune but with a larger population, good civic and industrial infrastructure like ports, railways, and a stable local economy.

It’s the largest city in South Gujarat, the second largest city in Gujarat, and 9th largest city in India. It’s one of the candidates for innovative city projects and won natl clean City awards for years. All it needs is a good airport and international connection to reach its potential in the diamond, petrochemical textile, steel, heavy engineering and agro-processing industry.”



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“Vadodara, probably. Solid infrastructure. Bullet train connectivity. Int’l airport. Extremely safe, it is known as Sanskari Nagri. MG plant is near Vadodara, and the new Boeing plant is also coming in Vadodara.

A New Cricket stadium is under construction, and several IT ind. have also sprung up. As Ahmedabad saturates, many people might be looking at Vadodara.”



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“People here ignore Bhopal when it’s bigger than cities like Coimbatore, Vadodara, Raipur, Nashik, Bhubaneshwar, and Guwahati. Hence I’d say BHOPAL. There’s a reason why none of these cities have a metro, but Bhopal has.”



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“It lies in the DMIC, itt has a great and booming IT industry, is known as the Salesforce capital of India, and has historically been a major cultural and heritage city.

I work in IT and Real Estate (my father works in it, but), and I see the growth on both these fronts rapidly unfolding in front of my eyes.

It is already the 10th most populous city of India, and it is the capital of the largest state of India, not to mention that it is one of the most livable cities in North India, as suggested through various surveys and also my personal opinion.”



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“Trichy houses so many important educational institutions and industrial units yet no one else has mentioned it (yet).”


Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) 


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“Vizhinjam seaport (16km from the city center) is a deepwater container transshipment port that will start operations next year. 

IT industry – India’s oldest tech park and an IT industry that employs 100k. 

Education – An education hub with 18 engineering colleges, three medical colleges, and many reputed arts and science colleges

Infrastructure – Has a well-connected international airport (Oldest after the 4 metros). Road network being expanded with significant projects. 

Biomedical and healthcare industry – Presence of multiple central/state biomedical and biotech research centers. HLL is headquartered here. 

Space industry – Major center of ISRO. A space park is being created to incubate space and allied industries.

Tourism – Kovalam, Varkala, and Poovar are already internationally reputed beach destinations attracting foreign/domestic tourists. 

Presence and interaction of all these factors is expected to provide a multiplier effect to the city’s development in the coming decade.”



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“Meerut, RRTS in construction and with its proximity to Delhi and its connectivity improving with NCR, Meerut will surely develop exponentially in the coming years.”



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“Unpopular opinion: I think Chandigarh and the TRICITY region (Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula) would be the upcoming big city. 

Reasons in support:  

A) it is a planned green City with proper infrastructure and ongoing development. 

B) A potential to be an IT hub. We already have an IT Park in Chandigarh 

 C) Education center: Panjab University and its supporting colleges are no less known in the world. PS: not Chandigarh University. 

D) Metro System and Highway in development. As of recent times, the construction for a metro system through the course of Tricity has already started, and even the highways are being upgraded to 4-lane highways.

E) Connectivity to NCR: Chandigarh is barely 300 Km from Ncr. “


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