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15 People Share If They Would Shave 10 Years of Life To Get $10 Mn. It’s Crazy!

Here’s a tricky question for you! What shall you choose: an insane amount of money or the last ten years of your life?

A netizen recently asked, “If you could get $10 million but had to shave 10 years off your life, would you do it? And the caveat is that you’re already 40 years old”. Below are the top responses.

Better Than Working To Pay The Bills

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“Yes. I could give that to loved ones and they would have years of their life back instead of working to pay the bills.”

I’d Rather Have 10 More Middle-Class Years

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“Bit on the fence as men in my family don’t usually get all that old and I’m already 44. I think I’d rather have 10 more middle-class years with my kids.”

Retiring At 40 Is WAY Better

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“Yes, since retiring at 40 is WAY better than retiring at 65. Also, past 70, life’s going to be awful anyway!”

Depends Upon Original Death Date

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“Depends upon when the original lifespan was going to end. 10 years off of age 100? Sure! Ten years off 30? Nope!”

No Way!

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“No way. I’m in my 50’s already and with all the good and the bad, I love my life very much and my family. The time I get to spend with the ones I love is worth a lot more than money–doesn’t matter what amount.”

I Want To Live Longer For My Loved Ones

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“No, I have people that love me and care for me. I want to be here for them as long as I can be. That’s more important for me.”

I’ll Take The 10 Million

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“My parents are both 90 right now. My paternal grandparents died at 89 and 96. I have an older sister. I’m not married and have no children. I’m probably going to die old and alone. Yeah, I’ll take the 10 million.”

Retirement Sounds Like A Scam, Anyway

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“Yes, retirement sounds like a scam anyway.

Spending all the time waiting and hoping for the day I can stop working as a senior, but as a senior, our health begins to deteriorate rapidly and now all the money saved for travels and life experiences goes towards medical bills and being tested on by doctors.

Give me 10 million and I’d probably agree to the terms of death when spent fully, I feel like I would have more profound and meaningful life experiences in a short time than an entire lifetime of my current work.”

I Would Take That Offer Up In A Heartbeat

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“$10 million would greatly increase the value of any time left that I had, and considering there’s no predicting the end of life I would take that offer up in a heartbeat.”

No Amount Of Money Can Suffice

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“As someone just diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma (stage 1a thankfully) at 51…no way. No amount of money would suffice to shorten the time with my loved ones.”

I Value My Time More Than Money

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“Seems like everyone is saying yes but I’m going to go with no. I value my time more than money and I don’t believe more is going to make those 10 years any happier for me. I live a comfortable life as it is so adding a Ferrari into the picture won’t change much.”

I’ll Take The Deal

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“Well, I’ve smoked and drank since I was 15. I’m in my 50’s and keep getting a clean bill of health. Longevity is in my family, so I’ll take the deal. If I drop dead the day after, my wife and kid will reap the reward. I’ve had a great ride.”

That is Been Happening Already So I’d Go For It

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“Losing sleep from trying to get overtime to pay the bills while still getting up early with kids every day and stress over constant vehicle problems that I can barely afford is taking years off my life already so let’s go.”

Doesn’t Seem Like A Bad Deal

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“Struggling to survive in the US right now is probably shaving 10 years off from many people’s lives already, so doesn’t seem like a bad deal.”

Stress Is Already Doing That So Why Not

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“I would, with the amount of stress I’m going through without money at the moment that is probably already shaving at least 10 years off in any case.”

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