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How To Get Free Food With No Money?

Anything free is excellent. Whether it is free money, clothes, a house, or food. Right? Recently, someone asked in a popular money forum. 

“What’s a good way to get free food? Unfortunately, I live on disability in a high-cost-of-living country where all my money goes to rent with nothing left over for food. Some days it’s just a potato dinner. I try to make the best of it, but I am running out of options.”

And we found some excellent options. Whether you need it or want to help someone in need, we will talk about the most legitimate ways to never go hungry. 


1. Free Breakfast At Hotels

Child having breakfast with her mother and father

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Most hotels has a free breakfast buffet for guests. Suppose you’re on a budget or need to snag free food. In that case, a user suggests, “Restaurant breakfast buffet. Go to a nearby hotel for free breakfast. Just don’t do anything to cause trouble and be clean”.

Another person said, “The key is to walk in and sit down somewhere for a bit. Then get up, walk to the buffet, and don’t head straight in from the front door.

In most mid-sized businesses, the staff only cares about checking if you’re a guest. 


2. Work In A Hotel 

A hotel worker cleaning sheets

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“If you’re talented with the food arts, you can always work for a restaurant. Service folks take care of their own. I’ve cleaned out pounds of leftover foods from banquets, been the person volunteering to take cans, etc. In some places, you get alcohol, too. Most meals are provided 50% off, if not outright free, per shift you work. If you don’t have a job, consider it. There were many times in my life I would’ve starved if not for food service.” shared someone. 

You can also sign up for a part-time job at a hotel.


3. Grow Your Own Food

Portrait of a senior woman smiling at the camera while bending over a rocket plant with flowers, while wearing a straw hat and apron in her garden on a sunny morning

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If you’re constantly struggling with food, you can considering growing edible plants. 

Growing your own: highly recommend, in addition to any other methods described. Not only is it a skill, but if you have access to a community garden, you can trade sweat equity for food.” shared someone.


4. Sikh temple (Gurudwara)

New Delhi / India - September 21, 2019: Volunteers preparing free food for visitors in the Gurdwara community kitchen (Langar hall) of Sri Bangla Sahib Gurudwara Sikh temple, New Delhi, India

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Yes! They give out food, and I believe (correct me if wrong) it’s in their religious code to not ask why you need food and to feed those who need it,” said someone. 

Sikh gurudwaras are a good option. They are friendly and not limited to poor folk only. Anyone can eat there. Enquire about the timings, though. The Sikhs don’t care about spreading their faith, but you need to show basic respect while inside. One of their beliefs is to cover the hair in the gurudwara, and you will have to use a handkerchief or bandana for the same.” said another. 

Food would be high quality, but possibly Indian and vegetarian(similar to vegan),” said yet another. 

I’m an Indian, and I can vouch for the food quality and ease of going to a Gurudwara. I have personally been to many. 

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5. Catholic Church 

Chalice with red wine, bread and Holy Bible on a tablecloth

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Every Catholic Church I have been a part of has a huge food pantry regularly emptied by local poor, so it clearly works for many people. They can’t be 24/7 obviously because they need to have a volunteer available to run it.” said someone. 

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6. Dumpster diving

Rotten fruits and vegetables in the trash. Organic food waste, composting.

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I rescue 1000s of pounds of excellent food every year.” shared someone. 

Another user shared “Dumpster dive when restaurants or stores close. There are plenty of places that are throwing out pre packed food that is still good to eat. I have heard of bakeries throwing out bags of bread, when the bags just have bread in them. The food is safe.

Dumpster diving has been a ‘good’ thing for many. Many people have also found stuff in posh dumpsters to resell on eBay or make money on Craigslist, eBay, etc. 

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7. Ask Restaurants During Closing Time

A chef with food on the plate

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You can go to any fast food place or restaurant before they close and ask for food since they usually throw the day’s food away,” said a user. 


8. Mystery Dining

Two couple eating in a restaurant

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Just like mystery shopping, mystery diners are appointed by restaurants, bars, etc., to examine what goes on, how is the customer service, etc. It helps them understand how customers are treated, the food, and the overall experience.

You can start with companies like

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9. Become A Pub Tester

Friends make your life funnier

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Just like product testing or surveys, you can also look into becoming a pub tester. The idea is to ensure pubs are not serving alcohol to the underage, judging the quality of service, etc. One such company is Serve Legal, based in the U.K. and Ireland.

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10. Apps Like Olio and Too Good to Go

A group of volunteers giving free food

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If you want free food, download apps like Olio and Too Good To Go. A whopping 40% of all edible food in the U.S. is thrown away yearly, and these apps are trying to end this. Millions of people/stores give away food & other household items to their neighbors, all for free.

A user said “Olio is better if you’re looking for free food. Too good to go is an excellent budget option though

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We hope you enjoyed this discussion on how to get free food with no money from Reddit. It would help if you also read how to make quick money in one day.