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10 Hobbies That Shouldn’t Be Professions (Ever!)

Do what you love. Follow your passion. 

These are some great and trending advice, but there may be better options than pursuing a passion as a career. A user asked, what’s good as a hobby but terrible as a profession? And here is what people have to say:

I know many who have made careers that pay over 200k a year with some of these hobbies, like crocheting and cooking. They are also happy with it, but many of the circumstances below are 100% true.

1. Crochet And Knitting

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Crocheting and knitting can be time-consuming hobbies. Still, the time and effort spent creating handmade items often makes it difficult to profit. Many customers would prefer to pay for the value of the crafter’s time and skill.

“I’m constantly being told, “you should have a business doing that.” But nobody will be willing to pay for my time. For example, if I’m lucky, they’d only be willing to pay for materials. 

A double bed-sized blanket in a simple stitch would take me 170-200 hours, and basic yarn would take approximately £40-£60. I’d be lucky if the customer would pay £50-£80. It’s the same for a lot of “handcrafts” I was literally “jaw on the floor” the other day when I saw a “designer” crochet halter top being sold for £600!!!! I’d be super lucky if I got £15-£20!” said one.

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2. Bowling

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Bowling may seem like a fun profession, but the reality is that only the top 20 bowlers in the world earn a significant income. Most professional bowlers need help to break even due to tournament entry fees and limited earnings.

“Unless you’re good enough to be in the top ~20 in the world. The top earner in 2020 made $293k from the PBA tour.

The 10th highest earner made $71,000, and only 16 made more than $50k. From there, it keeps dropping to where the number 50 earner only made about $10k.

You also have to pay for each tournament you enter. If 300 bowlers show up for a tournament, you must finish roughly in the top 100 even to make your money back. It’s just too hard to go all in on. Most pro bowlers either run pro shops or give lessons when they can.” a user shared.

3. Dancing

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“Most dancers get paid low, break their bodies throughout their lives, and have to retire VERY young in most cases.” said one.

“Not to mention the relationships with other dancers can be brutal, the eating disorders, the injuries, constantly being told you’re replaceable, all for a short career on the stage.” another added.

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4. Baking

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Baking as a profession can be demanding, requiring early morning starts and taking a toll on mental health. Many who enjoy baking as a hobby may want to avoid turning it into a career due to the added pressure and stress.

“I love to make bread and cakes, but on my time. I couldn’t imagine having to wake up at 3 am every day to start making bread.” said one.

“My aunt works as a solo baker, no bakery, no nothing; she had to take a break because of how many orders were coming in; she has been on a break for 1 1/2 years; baking as a business ruins your mental health a lot.” another said.

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5. Music Composer


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As a composer, the unpredictable nature of the music industry and the competition for a small spot at the top make it a risky venture. 

“I’m a composer, and I don’t see my music making money, and there are two reasons for that.

1: The music industry is vast, and many artists and groups are competing for a small place on the top. Everything seems unpredictable, with too many variables and too many possibilities, and I don’t feel like risking my chances at it.

2: My style isn’t mainstream. For now, I’ll keep learning and doing it as a hobby, and maybe I’ll please some people one day.” shared one.

6. Building Computers

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Building computers can be an enjoyable hobby, but it can become tedious and monotonous as a profession. 

“Used to be a great hobby for me back in the day, but once you work in a place that troubleshoots and maintain them, you get tired of the constant monotony of spec-ing out the layout and hardware: software installation and updating. Making sure connections are seated properly. Etc.

Took all the fun and wondered away,” said one.

7. Photography

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Turning a passion for photography into a profession can be draining, as it involves not just shooting and editing but also self-promotion, scheduling, and dealing with demanding clients. 

“Once it becomes your job, it quickly loses a lot of its charm, and the customers can be very annoying at times, although I do admit sometimes it is freaking fantastic as well. It does depend on the subject, though, I suppose.” a user said.

“I’ve given it a shot, and it takes all the fun out. It goes from 100% shooting and editing to 10% shooting, 30% editing, 20% endless self-promotion and the rest scheduling, haggling with clients, and other administrative stuff.” another said.

8. Author & Writer

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While some writers can support themselves through their work, many struggle to make a living. 

“For some people, it works out, but most things are never popular and not usually anything enough to support yourself.” said one.

“Even historically, you can see that most writers were either rich and could live off their families’ wealth or have other jobs somewhat related, which for most of the time meant the same such as lawyers, journalists, or some kind of educator.” another added.

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10. Digital Drawing

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Drawing and creating art is a stress-relieving hobby for this person. While working on a comic as a passion project, they’re interested in something other than making it a career or dealing with the stress of deadlines and client demands.

“I enjoy it as stress relief. While learning my style and discovering different techniques/methods, I don’t think I’d do well under deadlines or stressing about client preferences/demands. Not to mention all the art stealing that happens online..! I enjoy doodling fan art and OCs and posting them if I feel good about it.

Ironically, I am working on a comic as a passion project, but I don’t want to “hit it big” or make it a career. I want to tell my story.” a user said.

11. Cooking


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Cooking can be a fun hobby, but when it becomes a job, the passion for it can wane. The demanding nature of the industry can also take a toll on one’s health and love for cooking.

“It’s fun to cook for friends, but the general public is stressful,” said one.

“This is brutally true. I loved cooking and went into the industry, and by the time I had to leave, I guess it would fall into a type of health reason; I would make the easiest, quickest food for myself. After a few years, I finally enjoy cooking again, which I’m pleased about.” another said.

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