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His Family Told Him He Cannot Change The Diapers Of His Newly Born Daughter Because He Is A “MAN”. Netizens Go Crazy! What Do You Think?

Sometimes people are beyond me, but this is purely disturbing. A Redditor shared a heartbreaking story and asks “As a man, is it wrong for me to change my daughters (who’s about to be born in the next month) diaper?”

This is what happened, do comment and let him know how you feel about this.


The Original Poster’s (OP) daughter is about to be born in the next month, and OP has been repeatedly told by his family members that he couldn’t change her diaper because he is a man and she is a girl.

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Despite knowing that OP would never harm his daughter or anyone, their words have been getting to OP, and he is now questioning whether it is appropriate for him to change his daughter’s diaper. This issue has never crossed OP’s mind before, but the constant reminders from his family members have made him doubt himself.

OP asks, “As a man, is it wrong for me to change my daughters diaper?


What Do We Think?

Unfortunately, some still hold onto archaic beliefs and gender stereotypes. Changing a diaper is a primary parental responsibility that one’s gender should not limit.

As a father, you have every right and responsibility to care for your daughter in all aspects of her life, including changing her diaper. The idea that a man cannot change a girl’s diaper is outdated and harmful to the concept of gender equality and the roles of fathers in parenting.

By participating in the care of your daughter, you are not only fulfilling your parental duties but also setting an example of what it means to be an involved and caring father. Your daughter will benefit from having a father who is present and active in her life, including changing her diaper.

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What Did Others Say On This?

Ask your family if they would ever tell a mother she can’t change her newborn son’s diaper. Probably not, right? It’s the exact same situation; you are a parent and it’s your responsibility to care for your child. The genders of both parties are irrelevant in this situation.” said one.

This is so weird and disturbing. Will you be able to live in the same house as her once she starts menstruating and is, therefore, becoming s**ually mature? If changing her diaper is considered s**ual by your family, what are they saying about the men and the teenage daughters and nieces and cousins in the family too?” another added.

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My husband changed diapers and bathed our daughter. She’s 9 now, and he’s not in the bathroom when she’s showering, but if there’s something dire like soap in her eyes and she wants help, he’s gonna help her. I wouldn’t think twice about it. Some stuff isn’t “dad” stuff, it’s just parent stuff. A parent changes diapers.” another said.

Nice family you have there s**ualizing a kid. You should keep them far from your child.” a user added.

My husband changed all the diapers. We had 4, 2 of each. He is a parent, same as me, so he parented. I don’t know who said this to you but maybe stay away from those people. They sound unsafe.” another added.

What do you think about the idea that a man should not change his daughter’s diaper because she is a girl? Should fathers be limited in their parental duties based on their gender? Share your thoughts.

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