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Introverts, Rejoice! These 15 High-Paying Jobs Will Give You All the Alone Time You Need

A user asked the forum, what are the best jobs for introverts? Here are the common responses.


Young Security Guard Standing In Front Of The Glass Door Entrance

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“A security guard at a data center.

It’s the perfect job. You’re left alone 90% of the time. The people that walk through are all introverted techs who just want to get their job done. And all the interactions are purely business. On the occasion you’re asked a personal question, you can just lie. Because you’re probably never going to see that person again.”


Trucking Business Industry. Caucasian Semi Truck Driver in Front of His Vehicle.

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“Truck drivers”

“Book cataloger at a university library.”

“Lab Technician.”


Portrait of shocked stressed woman gesturing with hands at laptop having bad news information sitting in modern workstation

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“Medical billing and coding. A fair amount of positions are remote/hybrid, and you don’t talk to anyone.

I work with denials which is a little different, but I still don’t have to interact face to face because I WFH, and my calls are outgoing to insurance to go over claim issues.

There is no patient interaction whatsoever. I spend a lot of my time putting together appeals, reviewing clinical documentation, etc.  Our meetings also have no video, only the shared desktop of whoever is presenting, and we’re all muted.

The pay is good once you’re certified. I’m graduating in a few months with my bachelor’s but I’m seriously thinking about also getting this certification anyway.”


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Bookkeeping, accounting, etc. Great $$ and low human interaction. End of Month would dramatically ramp up workload and possibility of being on dumb conf calls.”


A man aims from a pistol. Isolated on a black background. The concept of threat, danger, defense

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“Assassin. Introverts tend to like being alone.

Being an assassin makes that a possibility, no matter where you are.”


A portrait of a grandmother knitting at home

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“Being a crochet pattern designer is pretty great. A bit niche, though, haha.”


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“I work as “the inventory guy” in a gigantic warehouse, making sure the counts for each location are correct.

Six hundred thirty thousand square feet and six levels of racks. I have a list of locations to check for the month and only interact with people if I want to.

Introverted doesn’t mean isolationist. It just means we’re picky about who and when the talking happens. There are a couple of people who can get me going pretty easily.”


Smiling woman smelling fresh basil at home and preparing healthy food in the kitchen.

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“Farmer: I don’t have to see people for weeks at a time.”

“This is going to sound counter-intuitive, but as an introvert who does this for a living, you’re going to have to trust me.


work 2

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“Radio announcer.

40% of my day, I’m alone in a room with a microphone. 40% of my day, I’m alone in my office, figuring out what I will talk about. The other 20% is the usual office interaction you get in any office job. Am I worried about people calling in? Don’t be! No one calls a radio station anymore! Now they text!

If you want to be in entertainment and are an introvert, radio announcer is the way to go.”


Shocked young businesswoman sitting at her workplace at the office, looking at computer

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“I work a home office job, mostly taking calls and answering emails; it’s mostly tech support.”


work 3

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“Site administrator. Yes, you communicate a lot, but only by correspondence.

You sit with headphones on and listen to your favorite music all day because your work is practically unrelated to communication with colleagues.”


Woman cooking rice on stove in kitchen, closeup

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“Working in a commercial kitchen. Your coworkers are the only people you really need to talk to.”


Male security guard with portable radio outdoors

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“Night time security, I worked at a building that was closed from 6 pm-5 am, and that was my shift. I sat and watched movies or tv shows, and once an hour, I’d do a patrol.

Easiest money I’ve ever made, and I wish I still worked there (had to quit cause I moved states).”

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