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Her Uncle Called Her A Loser And Her Mom A Wh*re; She Took A NUCLEAR Revenge. Here Is What Happened.

An abusive relationships can be tiring and hurtful. But what happens when a family member decides to take revenge? 

A Redditor shared her story on how she took revenge from his uncle. Says “uncle made fun of me for not graduating high school and called my mom a whore so I took away his buisness , marriage , kids , and freedom.” 

Sounds rough. Here is the full story:


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The Original Poster’s (OP) dad has three siblings, all older than him and all equally bad human beings. They bullied OP’s dad for years, making his childhood hell after their parents divorced. 

They bullied OP’s dad because he was slightly darker in skin tone than them. Grandma was fair and white, and grandpa was brown-skinned. They were abusive and racist towards OP’s dad. The worst was OP’s older uncle, a big bully and a snob who saw himself as better than anyone else.

All the bullying and the lousy treatment messed up OP’s dad mentally so much that he became a raging alcoholic, which made OP’s life a living hell.

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In OP’s country, the most critical year in people’s life was the last high school year. It ended with a nationwide exam that determined if you could go to University, and the success rate in that exam was low.

If you fail, you either drop out and move to low-paying jobs that will never amount to anything due to the country’s bad and declining economic state, or you keep repeating till you get your degree and go to the University that you don’t even want to be in. Still, it’s a safety net that can hopefully get you out of the country one day.

Things did not go well for OP due to family issues. OP was diagnosed with ADHD at the time, causing her many academic problems without her knowing the cause, which in turn gave her some depression. The year ended with OP failing, and due to the importance of that exam, people saw it as a shame and kind of a big letdown.

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What Happened Next?

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OP’s family never had a relationship with her uncles, especially since they looked down on OP and her family due to her father being an alcoholic and dirt poor. They stole all OP’s dad inhertiance from his father, including a house and a piece of land that could have lifted OP’s family at least to a mid-class level.

Upon the unexpected visit of OP’s big uncle, whom she had not seen since the age of seven, OP felt uncomfortable. OP’s uncle sat down for a small talk with OP’s mother. During their conversation, the uncle called for OP and commented on her growth and resemblance to her father, stating that she was following in his footsteps. The uncle then let out a loud and sarcastic evil laugh.

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As OP expected, her uncle’s unexpected visit proved unpleasant and uncomfortable. During their conversation, the uncle made a derogatory comment about OP’s recent high school failure, insinuating that their branch of the family was destined to be the “loser side.”

In response, OP angrily told the uncle to leave and insulted him. The uncle then insulted OP’s mother by calling her a whore. Post this, everyone was shouting at each other and the uncle left.

Following the altercation, OP harbored a grudge and felt humiliated. OP decided to seek revenge and began plotting.

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What Did OP Do To Take Revenge?

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After some digging in, OP discovered that all of the uncle’s business and assets were registered under his wife’s name, indicating that he owned nothing. That resulted from his involvement in tax fraud and defrauding his former business partner of a substantial amount before declaring bankruptcy. He transferred all of his assets and money to his wife’s ownership to avoid paying taxes.

OP contacted his former employees who had agreed to testify if a legal case ever arose due to her uncle’s poor behavior and mistreatment during their employment. 

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How Did The Tables Turn?

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OP could not have hoped for a better outcome as her uncle unexpectedly came to their house to meet with OP’s dad. The uncle wanted to commission a custom ring for his daughter’s 10th birthday.

While there, he asked OP for a phone charger as his phone was dying. Seeing an opportunity to gather evidence for the police case OP was building against him, OP eagerly offered to charge his phone with a cable from her laptop.

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The uncle, being unaware of the OP’s intentions, handed over his phone without hesitation. However, the phone was locked with a passcode, making it impossible for OP to access his email. Nonetheless, OP removed her uncle’s SD card, copied all his files onto her laptop, charged the phone, and returned it without raising suspicion.

After the uncle left, OP locked herself in her room and searched the files she had copied from his phone. Initially, she found nothing significant. Just as she was about to give up, she stumbled upon a well-hidden file containing a few videos. To her amazement, she discovered a full-fledged sex tape of her uncle with another woman, featuring his face visible as daylight. Overwhelmed with excitement, OP couldn’t help but joyfully sing to herself.

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What Happened Next?

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OP decided to avenge her uncle by creating a Facebook account, which appeared to be his mistress’s account.

To make it seem more realistic, she also created several other accounts that resembled friends and family members who interacted with the fake account. This went on for a few weeks, causing great distress to her uncle and creating an online scandal around his affair.

Subsequently, OP added her uncle’s wife on Facebook and messaged her, confessing to being her husband’s mistress. Initially, the wife was skeptical of the claim until OP provided several personal details that only someone intimately involved with the uncle would know.

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OP revealed that the uncle had lied to the wife about being divorced and had promised to marry her. The wife requested to speak to OP on the phone, and with the help of a female friend, OP disguised her voice to sound like a woman.

After hearing the details of the affair and being sent the sex tape as evidence, the wife was devastated. She filed for divorce immediately and sued the uncle for infidelity. As a result, the uncle lost custody, visitation rights to his children, and the wife took possession of all the assets, including the house and money (which were already in her name).

What Happened Finally?

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The uncle was homeless overnight, with no money to his name. However, OP was still unsatisfied. OP contacted the uncle’s former business partner through a former employee who shared the same hatred towards the uncle and told him everything that had transpired. OP also mentioned that the former employees would testify against the uncle in court. The business partner agreed to file a lawsuit against him.

During the lawsuit, the uncle’s ex-wife testified against him, revealing that he had threatened her and her children’s safety if she did not allow him to force assets in her name as a means of tax evasion.

The ex-wife produced phone recordings of the uncle being abusive and threatening to kill them if she did not comply with his demands. She also expressed her fear for her children’s safety, which had prevented her from using the recordings earlier. The testimony provided the final nail in the coffin for the uncle’s case, resulting in him facing severe legal consequences.

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Due to their previous divorce case, the judge deemed no further hearing necessary, and the man was sentenced to 15 years in jail. He was taken away so quickly that he could not even comprehend what had happened before he was on his way to the prison. He will never see his family again and never have his fortune back.

What Did OP Finally Do?

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To add insult to injury, OP visitedthe uncle a year ago and uttered only one sentence, “This would never have happened if you had not called me a loser,” before leaving.

The expression on his face as he pieced everything together nearly cured her of anger and depression. She revealed it to his uncle to finally get a good night’s sleep.

Source: Reddit

Did OP’s actions towards her uncle constitute appropriate revenge, or did she go too far in seeking retribution? What do you think? What would you do in this situation?

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