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He Was The Bride’s Photographer, But Deleted All The Wedding Photos Without Giving Them. We Think He Is Right. You?

Wedding photos are special, and if you find someone known to do it for you, things are move smoothly. A Redditor asked on a popular forum, Am I wrong for deleting my cousins precious wedding photos? 

There is a lot that happened in the story, so here is it:


The Original Poster (OP) agreed to take wedding photos for his 26-year-old cousin Sarah’s wedding. She wanted OP to take photos of her getting ready, their grandmother putting a family heirloom necklace on her, the first look, the wedding, the reception, etc.

There was also another photographer who was a friend of the groom. He was taking photos of the groom and his side getting ready, and he was also taking photos at the wedding/reception. Since OP wasn’t a professional photographer by any means he told her that he would only charge $50 for the entire day.

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And when he said entire day, he meant it.

From 8 am until 10 pm OP was with her taking photos and being harassed by her, her bridesmaids, and his aunt. She was a full-on bridezilla the entire time, not just to OP but to everyone including her husband. It was a long day.

So after all of that OP went home, edited the photos, and copied them onto individual USB drives for people she might want to give them to. OP texted Sarah a couple of days later to let her know that they were ready and that OP would happily meet up with her to exchange them for the $50.

She never responded. For the next three weeks OP texted, called, got in touch with her mother (OP’s aunt), and even stopped by her house to try and get the photos to her. She evaded every single attempt.

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What Happened Next?

6 months passed since the wedding and OP was at the movies with his other 19-year-old cousin who was Sarah’s younger brother and a couple of their friends.

It was mentioned to OP that Sarah was wondering when he was going to give her the photos and that she was willing to pay $10 if that was the reason for the delay in communication. OP was shocked.

First, it was $50 and that was the deal from the start. OP told his cousin about that and asked to tell Sarah if she wanted them she needed to contact him within 2 days so they could meet up, with the payment, or he was going to delete them.

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Sarah never contacted OP.

2 days passed, and OP deleted the photos and erased the USB drives. Less than a week later, OP’s aunt called, accusing him of threatening his cousin into paying when she supposedly did not have the money.  OP explained that he tried to contact Sarah for over six months and that it was too late now because the photos were gone.

Some relatives, including OP’s aunt and uncle, refused to talk to OP or OP parents. OP’s mother believed OP should apologize, while OP’s older brother thought OP held onto the photos longer than necessary and should have deleted them after the first week of being ignored.

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So OP asks, “Am I wrong for deleting my cousin’s wedding photos?” 

Was OP correct to delete the photos? Was it inappropriate for OP’s cousin to keep evading him and then offer $10? How would you have reacted in this situation?

This article originally appeared on Mrs. Daaku Studio.