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He Told His Wife And Kids To Rehome The Dog Or Hire Someone From Their Money. We Think He Is Right. And, You?

Loving a dog is easy, but taking care of them requires commitment, patience, and a proper understanding of their needs. But what if someone wants a dog but expects someone else to take care of it. 

A Redditor took to the Am I The A..Hole forum and asked, “Am I wrong for telling my wife and kids to either take care of their dog or rehome it?”


Three years ago, the Original Poster’s (OP) wife and kids wore him down to get a dog. OP finally agreed to it, even though he wasn’t a dog person. The deal was that OP wouldn’t have to walk the dog or clean up after it and that they (wife and kids) would take care of it.

It went fine for about a year and a half. But the wife and the kids lost interest once the dog grew up and COVID ended. Two years later, OP had been walking the dog because it needed exercise. OP had to buy food because his wife used to forget. OP had to walk around the backyard before he mowed to ensure he would not run over its turds.

One day OP came home and saw that the dog had chewed up his shoes. OP was done with this. 

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What Happened Next?

OP waited until dinner, and then he laid down the law. He mentioned that he was going stir-crazy. He added that the dog used to get their attention and stuff all the time because of COVID. Now that they could do other things, they were ignoring the dog. It wasn’t fair to the dog, and it wasn’t fair to OP.

OP said they could play with the dog in the backyard if they didn’t have time to walk it. But if he found any turds, he will be hiring a service to keep the yard clean, the money would be coming from their (kids and wife) allowances or the house budget.

OP said that he wasn’t buying any more food. If there was no food and the dog wasn’t fed, he would be hiring someone to watch the dog, and once again, they would be paying for it. 

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What They Thought?

They got upset with OP because the dog used to like OP, and it’s obviously his dog. Of course, the dog liked him, and he took care of it, which he didn’t want to do.

So OP brought out an agreement which OP made them all sign. OP said they had three choices. Take care of the dog, rehome the dog, or pay someone else to take care of the dog.

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They all thought OP was being too harsh, but OP didn’t think so. OP didn’t want it in the first place. OP had already checked with a friend of his; she loved dogs and had agreed to take them if his family couldn’t follow through.

OP’s wife said that OP was wrong with that ultimatum. OP wants to know if he did wrong asking his wife and kids to either take care of the dog or rehome it?

According to Redditors, he is right. One of them says, “Not wrong. Your wife is ridiculous for demanding you take care of a dog she’s not willing to take care of herself, and I’m 100% sure they think you’re bluffing.”

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Another one added  “Not wrong. This is exactly why I never got a dog. I knew that if I did, no matter the promises, it would end up being my dog. Why? Because I’m the one in the family that takes care of whatever isn’t handled by others. You were absolutely right in what you did. You didn’t give an ultimatum. You confronted them with the responsibility they promised to have. These are the consequences of their actions.”

We also think OP is not wrong. He never wanted the dog in the first place and clarified a few boundaries in the beginning. However, the family just took OP for granted. But we want to know from you.

Was OP correct to refuse to take care of the dog? Was it inappropriate for OP’s family to ask for the dog and not take care ofitg? How would you have reacted in this situation?

This article originally appeared on Mrs. Daaku Studio.