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He Called His Daughter A Brat On Her Birthday For Making A Scene. We Think He Is A Loser For Doing This To Her.

A user took to the forum and asked, Am I wrong for telling my daughter she was being a brat after she cried about blowing out her birthday candles?” 


The Original Poster (OP) has four kids, aged 23, 20, 16, and 13. The oldest one is Zara.

They don’t usually do big parties in their family after kids attain double digits, but Zara had been having a bit of a difficult time, so they decided to throw her a surprise party.

It was a big family party, and Zara was enjoying it. Then the cake was brought out; OP had a lot of young nieces and nephews, so naturally, they wanted to stand up with Zara, and she had no issue.  When she went to blow out the candles, OP’s 5-year-old niece blew most of them out before her.

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What Happened Next?

Everyone laughed it off. OP’s youngest had put 23 candles on the cake, and there were still a few lit, so OP told Zara to blow those out. She did, but she looked angry and started crying. She then walked off.

After that, it got pretty awkward, and OP’s sister got upset and embarrassed. OP’s sister said that her daughter is a kid and didn’t mean to do that, and she didn’t think Zara would act like that. OP calmed her down and said that it was not their fault.

OP told Zara that she was being a selfish brat, making a scene, and that she was too old to get mad about birthday candles. Zara was still upset, and OP’s other kids told him he wasn’t being fair to Zara.

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The Edits That Make It Worse –

The edits make it almost impossible to believe. Zara actually grieving her friend who passed away (who was also someone Zara was going to marry). They decided to throw a party to make her feel better.

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Was the OP correct in calling his daughter a ‘brat,’ or should he have handled the situation differently? What do you think?

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