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10 Things You Do Often That Make You Less Attractive to Men

Men’s preferences for cute things can vary widely. It’s important to remember that everyone is unique and has their own individual tastes. A Redditor asked on a popular forum, ‘Guys, what’s the most unattractive thing girls do that they think is attractive?’ and here are the top 10 items: 

1. Fake Anything 

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Fake lips. I don’t get why they do it, but they look so unbelievably disgusting. Normal lips don’t matter if small, medium or big are already so lovely, IMO.” said one. 

“Fake anything,” added another. 

These include fake lips, eyelashes, nails, etc.

2. Be Mean To Other Women

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“Hate on other girls that have nothing to do with them – I dated a girl who always had something nasty to say about any girl within eyesight – got real old real quick,” said one. 

“My partner’s friend does this all the time. I think at the end of the day, it’s jealousy and self-esteem problems 🤷🏻” said another. 

3. Cutesy Voice


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“Fake cutesy baby voice,” said one. “Goddamn. A hundred times this,” added another. 

4. Being Entitled

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“Went to dinner with a few friends, one of them I always thought was kind of cute, but omg, when I saw the way she talked to the waiter, I lost all interest in her,” said a Redditor.  

5. Never Being Direct 

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“Dropping hints instead of just being direct,” said one. 

“Unfortunately, even if a girl sent me an engraved invitation to anything romantic and we weren’t already dating, I’d assume she was just being nice or something along those lines. Then, a few months later, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I realized I had blown it. Lol.” said one. 

 6. Pretending To Be Helpless

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“Pretending to be helpless or clueless to get attention. Intelligent, capable women are incredibly attractive, and the opposite is not.” said one. 

“Diva behavior. For me, it’s just little self-reflection and no empathy for the needs of others.” said another. 

7. Too Much Perfume

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“Wear a ton of perfume. I mean, chill, we all want to smell good, but DAMN,” said one. 

8. Constantly On Social Media

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“Constantly take pics of themselves and post them seeking attention,” said one. 

“Please do not gush over me on social media. I’m very private, and if we break up that “three-week anniversary” post on Instagram is gonna look really embarrassing,” shared another. 

9. Wanting Attention

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“Play childish games. I lose interest when I realize a girl is playing hard to get with me.” said one. 

“Not being straightforward when communicating, it’s like, I wanna talk to you, I don’t want to solve a damn treasure hunt so that I can understand you better.” added another. 

“Play hard to get or make us chase them and leave us in a state of not being sure what they want. We’re simple creatures. Me not understanding these mind games. Do you want a date or not? If a girl is giving off the impression of not being interested, I’m not gonna pursue her. I honestly assume she isn’t interested,” said another. 

10. Talking Bad About Ex

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“I don’t know why this hasn’t been mentioned, but talking bad about their ex is a huge turn-off for me, and this is for two big reasons.

1- Their ex isn’t here to defend his stance, so I only hear one side of the story. And also, it doesn’t align with my beliefs that what happens within a relationship should stay within that relationship. I may have had bad exes, but I’ll never publicly talk bad about them behind their backs to another person.

2- If I end up dating this woman, someday she’ll be talking bad about me to others if things don’t work out.” said one. 

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