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18 Things That Were Ruined by Fans Who Loved Them “Too Much”

Has there ever been something you genuinely enjoyed until its fanbase tainted the experience for you? Today, we delve into this phenomenon.

A user asked, “What otherwise enjoyable “thing” is ruined by its base of fans?”. Here is what people have to say

1. Horse Barn

old barn

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“There is a type of barn witch that takes away any fun out of anything to do with horses.”

“Rude, arrogant, bossy, gossipy, and just plain nasty. “Barn witch” is the perfect description. They’re usually nice to their horses, though! So that’s one good thing, I guess.”

2. Wine

Crazy woman with crossed eyes drinking wine through a straw

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“When I worked at a restaurant with a lot of wine, I had two kinds of wine people.

Those that would make you bring over three different tasters before deciding, and those that would laugh at the idea of tasting before ordering a bottle. Always loved the latter types of wine people.”

3. Parenting Experts

childhood, social issue, sadness and people concept - beautiful sad girl and parents arguing at home

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“Parenting experts are hands down the worst.”

“Yes, and it often is like a “meta snobbery” for everything else. The “being a parent” syndrome to some seems to permit being a gatekeeper about virtually anything anyone does, so long as they preface it with “as a mother” or whatever.”

4. Coffee

brew coffee

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“Coffee snobs are a special breed.”

“Ooooh coffee. Either “you want micro bubbles and a temperature of 68.7-68.9 otherwise it’s like drinking sewage” or “I like plain black coffee, not all this fancy nonsense”.”

“Unless you fly to Guatemala, harvest your own organic beans, roast them yourself, grind them down to the exact millimeter, and brew them via Aeropress, you don’t know anything about coffee. And Jesus, don’t mention a Keurig for any reason. They’ll actually show up at your house with torches and pitchforks and burn your house down.”

5. Campers

Camping happy woman cook food fire tent nature

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“Campers who trash the camp sites.”

“Glampers.. they have to have EVERY comfort from home with them. Running generators. Loud music. etc”

6. Essential Oils

shocked young woman, isolated against purple studio background

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“Essential oils. Like I just want my house to smell good I don’t need to spend $200 and give it to my kids, or shove it up on everything.”

“But haven’t you heard that they’re great alternatives to vaccines because they’re organic and non-gmo? Your kid has an infection? Throw some eucalyptus oil on their chest and you’ll reduce their chance of sepsis by -100%!”

7. Whiskey

Cocktail glass with drink in the bar with bottles in the dark background

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“Whiskey – taters and flippers. A “tater” is an enthusiast perpetuating bourbon’s hype culture. Taters are the type of running to liquor stores upon hearing a bottle is getting hot and buy a case for the sole purpose of re-selling it.”

“This applies to Irish, Scotch, and Japanese whiskey too. It’s ridiculous.”

‘Scotch. Why do people care if I like it with ice, or neat, or with water, or mixed with lemon aid, or infused with licorice, or whatever? Let me drink my drink in peace, and I’ll do the same for you.”

8. Beer

A girl tries a beer with an expression of disgust in a street bar. Concept of alcohol poisoning and quit drinking

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“Beer, There’s a certain type of beer guy that’s especially annoying. It’s usually a slightly overweight guy with a beard. He will know everything about beer, and be a self-proclaimed expert on everything else too. “Trust me; my buddy does it for a living.”

9. Cooking


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“Cooking, especially the “authentic” types..”

“Oh wait, you didn’t grind your flour well, then you didn’t cook, did you!”

10. Guns

A man aims from a pistol. Isolated on a black background. The concept of threat, danger, defense

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“I’m a gunsmith. I hate being around other gun people.”

“Cool, your AR cost you $2k. Mine wasn’t near that, and I bet I’ll still shoot just as well. Expensive guns are great when they outperform all the others.”

11. Scuba Diver

scuba dive

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“Kinda niche but SCUBA divers. There are three types:

  1. Hippie ocean lovers who are just super chill beings and love the experience of seeing the underwater world
  2. People who dive on vacation every few years. They are completely normal individuals with a casual hobbies. (The third group hates these people for some reason.)
  3. Stupid people who act like scuba diving make them seal team six members. They look down on people who got their certification through PADI and not SSI. They will tell you you are doing something wrong because it’s not how they do it. Unless you have spent 10K on professional quality gear, you have no business being on the boat. They run their mouths and clutter the boat with every goddamn gadget imaginable. Coincidentally, these folks tend to be cops and firefighters in their day jobs.”

12. Flashlight

Young caucasian girl wearing casual clothes clueless and confused with open arms, no idea concept.

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“Flashlight enthusiasts. Always bringing light to dark areas. Talking about how lumens aren’t that important. Helping you find things in dark places. Giving me flashlights I never asked for just to be nice. UGH. hey anyone wants to check out how far this flashlight can shine it’s sick”

13. Pets

Attractive man lying on floor with his labrador at home in living room

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“Pets. Animal rescue folks can be wonderful, but the over-the-top stupid gatekeeping some do prevent animals from getting homes.”

“I have to admit. I don’t need to be reminded every time I see someone that their dog is a rescue.”

14. Star Wars

star wars

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“Star Wars, And no one hates Star Wars fans as much as other Star Wars fans.”

“Thank you! I don’t care what’s canon and what’s legend because they seem to be constantly changing. It’s not my religion, and it’s my entertainment. Yet I’m the problem.”

15. Paint Ball

annoyed man

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“Paint-ball….looks like fun, but too many warriors are acting out their Call of Duty fantasies.”

16. Christianity

Church People Believe Faith Religious

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Jesus was as cool as they come. The Bible says a bunch of stuff he never said. His followers are something else. Based on what he said, I don’t think he would walk through the door of a church in America.

17. Photography

smiling girl taking photo with dslr camera in funny positions

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-Photography. Every photographer I’ve met is rude and obnoxious. I was really into photography until I took some courses as an elective in undergrad. The professor killed every love I had for photography.

18. Fine Dining

Portrait Of Romantic Couple Toasting Red Wine At Dinner

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“Fine dinning and Art. Let me enjoy the food and art for what it is. Please don’t make it all about exclusivity.”

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