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Fancy Hotels: Not as Fancy as You Think? 10 Things They Don’t Want You to Know

A user asked the forum, “People who work at super fancy hotels, what kind of stuff happens that management doesn’t want people to know about?”



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“It’s pretty common to have a dead guest. There’s a standard procedure for it, and we take care of it quietly.”



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“They’re a weirdly popular place to commit suicide.

Have a nice last meal, some nice entertainment as the Swan song, then die in comfort afforded by five-star accommodation, safe in the knowledge that someone will find the body and they won’t be left lying on the floor of their own home for seven months before somebody notices.”



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“During housekeeping, hotels use different colored cloths to wipe your drinking glasses, cutlery, toilets, and sinks to avoid contamination.

They just didn’t bother separating these rugs after wiping and moving to the next room.”



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“We take notes on your reservation profile. Everything from anniversary information to fav cocktails and foods. Add notes to pass along to other staff.”



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“$2k per night, and this place has a serious rat problem.”



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“A well-known luxury hotel and resort chain keeps a database of you. They get pictures from the internet and basically stalk you to create a profile.

They put what you ordered to eat, how many towels you needed, what drink you liked, your kids’ names and birthdays, addresses and phone numbers. Everyone working in the hotel has access to this database and can see your information. It’s not all good stuff, either. We know you were a jerk to Jen while you were staying in London.

The one I was at had to remove cameras in the lobby because bigwig guys would bring their mistresses and no evidence was allowed to be recorded.”




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“Not a hotel employee, but associated with a popular convention that everyone would recognize. The convention attendees get so out of control that the hotel will only host the convention if they have a private security force.

Since private security isn’t law enforcement or licensed, they do pretty much whatever it takes to keep trouble out of the public eye. Mostly it’s locking people up in rooms or escorting them out of town, but they can get rough at times.

But none of the convention attendees know they are there, and the hotel staff pretends they don’t see them. Even those who run afoul of them don’t know exactly who it was that grabbed them.”




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“I used to work as a freelance bartender, and hotels were always the worst run situation I would end up in. Here are some examples from a really nice-looking hotel in an old monastery.

The beer lines had never been cleaned, like literally never. I asked where the equipment was to do it, and no one could tell me. I eventually found it dusty in a closet in the cellar. The breakfast buffet leftovers were usually reheated and given to the staff but sometimes became the following day’s breakfast buffet.

The chefs were just faced with pretty much every day. The worst I saw, though, was the wine put out on tables at a wedding.

They married them up, recapped them, and put them back in the cellar.

Not even the same wine getting poured into bottles. Guests had drank straight from them, and everyone had seen, and no one had an issue with this.

In my country, this is actually illegal; it’s called diverting waste.  This was the final straw for me in this particular venue. I told the manager that I didn’t give what he did after my time there ended, but there was no way I was letting that wine be resold.

He tried to tell me that it was perfectly legal; I cut him off and told him that it wasn’t; it doesn’t matter either way, it’s disgusting and immoral, and if I find a single bottle of that wine in the stores, I’m walking out.

Luckily when you’re freelance bartending somewhere, you’re there because they desperately need you, so threatening to leave works really well.”



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“Human trafficking became so bad that the company gave us training on looking out for it. There is a policy in place to knowingly cause you issues and pacify you (ex: routine elevator maintenance during a busy period because the tech travels around and it is now or three weeks from now. The elevator did not “have unforeseen issues”)

Professionals are the worst guests for partying and puking everywhere and peeing in halls and breaking things in public areas… lawyers, doctors, teachers. In that order. Whenever they had conventions, extra staff were on the next day for dealing with damage.“




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“My mom used to work as a cleaner in a fancy hotel. She actually ended up quitting because of how disgusted she was that 99.999% of the bedding, towels, etc., NEVER got washed.

She said there’s such a time pressure to get “x” amount of rooms done in “x” amount of time that many cleaners would just remake the beds and re-fold the towels.”

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