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11 Normal Things That Are Actually Kind of Creepy

It is captivating to understand how others perceive everyday things. Learning from their varied perspectives can help us expand our own horizons. A user asked the forum, What is something regular that instantly gives you the creeps?

Here are the top responses. 


bathing shower

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“The shower curtain. I always gotta ensure there isn’t a serial killer back there.”

“It’s been 20+ years since I saw Psycho, and I’m still checking behind the curtain. I also have to check the backseat of the car when driving at night.”


wtf woman in red

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“Dolls, I never liked them.”

“Especially the plastic ones with glassy eyes. I think other people find them creepy, too, or there wouldn’t be so many movie scenes with zombie dolls on the attack. (Think of Barbarella.)”


young woman doing an aggressive gesture on white

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“Roaches. I know they can’t hurt me, but I don’t trust them. They fly.”

“I’m terrified of roaches. We had them badly when I was a kid after my parents were given a bag of homegrown potatoes. It lasted for years while they were trying to get rid of them. Then I lived in Florida for two months with their disgusting cockroaches on steroids.”



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“Anybody winking, for any reason, ever. All winking is creepy to me. No matter who does it, no matter the context, I’ve never not been creeped out by a wink.”

“I’m with you. I’ve never personally winked at someone in my life. I would feel really weird doing it…so when someone does it to me, it’s definitely creepy.”



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“Locking eyes with another human being in public.”



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“Clowns of any kind”


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“Resumes, the idea that you have to gloat about your accomplishments to some new company is disgusting to me.”


scared and dangerous

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“Spiders spiders, spiders spiders spiders.”

“Arachnophobia level up, rank 99 achieved.”


childhood, technology and family concept - little kids with tablet pc computer and smartphones in bed at home

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“A baby with earrings.

I know it’s very normal, but I think the idea of piercing through a baby’s flesh to decorate them is really creepy.”


Man is watching thriller or horror on TV.

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“I don’t know if I can consider it regular yet, but ChatGPT. It really creeps me out how quickly everyone has accepted AI when there have been so many warnings about AI over the years. It’s almost uncanny how quickly it’s been accepted.”


young brunette shocking woman with in the bed

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“Snakes. Even the harmless kind—”That’s the kind of snake you want hanging around….” No, thank you.”


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“Sweat. I don’t like being touched by someone sweaty.”


Portrait of attractive beautiful woman. High fashion look. Blue light.

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“Long fake nails on women. They genuinely scare me.”



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“Bubbles that come from pancakes when they are being made. Since I was a kid that has given me the sickest feeling in my stomach. Something deep inside me retches. My foster mom thought it was the craziest thing.”

“Trypophobia. Everything has a name of course. Don’t google it unless you want your face to melt.”

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