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Enough is Enough: 9 Overpaid Jobs That Need to A Paycut

In every industry, specific job positions are highly coveted regarding prestige and compensation. However, some of these positions may need to be more valued and paid, leading to questions about the fairness and sustainability of such practices. 

A Redditor asked on a popular forum, What job position is 100% overvalued and overpaid? and here are the top picks. We want to know what you think.


1. International Olympic Committee Members

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“Member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). They’ve had a lengthy history of excessive demands, $4 million US spent on “entertainment” in Nagano, traffic lanes dedicated to IOC members during the games, etc.

They make very few decisions, all of which are politically motivated. They travel extensively. They are paid well for it.” a user said. From the article: “Although technically a volunteer, the IOC President receives a yearly “allowance” of $251,000 and lives rent-free in a five-star hotel and spa in Switzerland.


2. Chief Executive Officer

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“Healthcare in the U.S. is already not good, and then we pay CEOs tooooo much! They don’t care about the people, they care about the dollars and umbrella they get went thing goes wrong! What’s more fudged… if ever their was a CEO that didn’t want that much, just $1M because they wanted it to help people- everyone would be up in arms saying there is a problem. Yet no issue with paying over the top for a CEO!” a user said.

“I think CEOs are paid too much, especially when they lay off employees or make decisions that harm the company in the long run.” another said.


3. Social Media Influencers

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“Celebrity influencers are overpaid and overrated. They just post pictures and videos on social media, and companies pay them millions of dollars for it.” said one

“I think celebrity influencers are overpaid. They’re not necessarily experts in the products they endorse, and their endorsement is often based on how much they’re paid rather than whether they believe in the product.” another said.


4. Ex-Politicians On The Lecture Circuit

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“Ex-politicians on the lecture circuit who get paid insane speaking fees.” a user said. “It’s just another method of hiding bribes. Vote against this bill and we’ll hire you to give a speech.” another added.


5. Real Estate Agents

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“Anything that could be reduced to “I make a lot of money because I move a lot of money”, like brokers, insurers, wall street stuff, real estate agents.” said one.

“Real estate agents charge too much money for their services. They often prioritize their commissions over the needs of their clients.” another said.


6. Brokers, Title Companies, And Other Fee-Based Professionals 

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“Anyone who makes a ton of money by inserting themselves into big transactions and charging fees as a percentage of the transaction. Brokers, title companies, etc.” a user said.

“Reinsurance brokers, too, unlike regular insurance brokers. Often times due to the complexity of it, it makes no sense for a company to have an in-house reinsurance team so they use a broker to place everything.” another said.


7. Upper-Level Admins At University

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“I am the payroll person at a state university, and I completely agree with this. The people in upper management aren’t even in union-protected jobs who, in theory, should be the first ones gone when we need to settle the budget problems we have. Instead, they were the only ones who got raises during COVID.” said one.

“About two-thirds of the upper-level admins at the university I work for.” another said.


8. Commercial Airline Pilot 

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“My uncle was a commercial airline pilot. He described his job as vastly overpaid in normal circumstances and vastly underpaid in emergency situations.” a user said.


9. Management Consultants

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“Management consultants charge a lot of money, but their advice isn’t always useful. It’s a waste of resources.”  a user said.

“I think management consultants are overpaid. They often provide generic advice that companies could have figured out on their own, and their fees are often astronomical.” another said.

What do you think? Do you think it is justified for them to get good salaries?