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10 Simple Frugal Tips That Will Save You Money (Without Making You Miserable)

Frugal living can be just as fulfilling and enjoyable as any other lifestyle. By making mindful decisions and adopting cost-effective habits, you can live a comfortable and satisfying life without breaking the bank.

A Redditor asked on a popular forum, what’s the most frugal thing you do? and here are some of my top frugal practices.

1. Sweeping Everything With Silicone Spatulas


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Silicone spatulas can save money and reduce waste by sweeping every last drop of food and beauty products. From peanut butter to creams, they are versatile and practical.

“Using those silicone spatulas to sweep every last drop of food like peanut butter, pasta sauce, hot sauce, etc. Plus, I have mini ones for creams and makeup.” said one.

“I do this too, but my wife throws stuff out with at least 20% of the contents still there! Ugh!” another said.

“Nothing makes me crazier than when I’m watching cooking shows, and they just pour contents out of the bowl and don’t sweep everything out.” a user said.


2.  Meal Planning

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Meal planning is an effective way to save money on groceries, reduce food waste, and eat healthier. By planning meals; you can avoid impulse purchases and make the most of your ingredients.

“Meal planning saves us a lot. The hard part is sticking to it in the grocery store. If it’s not on the plan, we don’t buy it.” said one.

“We plan our perishable purchases and use. It isn’t easy, and we eat stuff we may not feel like at the time, but not wasting food is a huge $ saver.” another said.


3. Eating At Home

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By bringing your lunch or eating at home instead of going out, you can save money, control the ingredients in your meal, and make healthier choices for your diet.

“I dropped $250 on a Nespresso coffee machine two years ago, and the pods cost, on average, $0.90 per pod. All-inclusive, I spend about $1 now to get an espresso drink that was previously costing me $4-6 at Starbucks. Multiply that over two years, that initial investment paid for itself many times over, plus I am still “saving” about $100 per month by not going to Starbucks and STILL enjoying great coffee.” said one.

“Spouse & I don’t eat out much No uber eats. Pack snacks for road trips. Save dollars & eat more healthy & save time on the road.” said another.


4. Switch To Biking 

Huge bicycle parking in the center of Amsterdam

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By biking instead of using a car for transportation, you can save around $150 per month on gas alone. 

“Biking almost everywhere instead of using our car. Saves about $150 a month in gas alone.” a user said. “I’ve been more motivated to bike more places since gas prices jumped.” another added.

“Yeah, walking and biking are good ways to keep fit. Good for heart, health, and environment.” said another.


5. Hanging Your Clothes To Dry

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Hanging clothes to dry not only saves energy but also helps you save money on your electricity bill. In addition, clothes hung outside dry, fresher, and smell great.

“Hang your laundry to dry. Not only does the dryer only run in the winter (and even then, we use a drying rack some of the time) but hanging on a line in the yard leaves your laundry feeling even fresher!” a Redditor said.

“I use drying racks in my apartment and don’t hang them to dry to save money. I have a condensing dryer which is already efficient. I have nice clothes and want to extend their life, so I hang them to dry.” another added.


6. Cutting Your Hair

cut your own hair

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“I cut my husband’s hair, the children’s hair, Granny’s and Mother’s. Then I taught my daughters-in-law how to cut my son’s hair. Just recently, I had a request to cut my grandson’s hair for his first-year photo shoot. I have never been trained, watched a library VHS tape on cutting hair, and have been practicing ever since. Then I did the photo shoot. I was using my iPhone. Baby looked great, the pictures did too, and I edited on a free app. Save, save, save!” a user shared.


7. Taking Leftovers From Restaurants To Home

Taking leftovers home from restaurants is a frugal decision as it helps save money by providing an extra meal, reducing food waste, and stretching the dining-out budget.

“Take leftover food home from the restaurant. So many of my friends and work colleagues don’t do this, which drives me mentally! It’s delicious food; TAKE IT HOME!” a user said.

“It’s not just free; it’s delicious! Leftover steak and garlic potatoes for breakfast is just about as good as it gets.” another added.


8. Buying Clothes From Thrift Stores

Shopping woman excited showing price tag at clothes sale in clothing store. Smiling cheerful woman. Price label reads sale.

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Buying clothes from thrift stores is economical for a constantly rotating wardrobe, as it offers affordable and unique options while reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

“If you know what you’re looking for, you can get insane deals. I’m a big dress-wear person, so finding Zegna dress shirts from $600.00 down to $5.99 is a huge plus for me.” said one.” said one.

“I completely agree! Thrift stores are a great place to find unique and affordable clothing options while being environmentally conscious.” another said.


9. Using Library

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“I’m a bookworm – I use the library. Not only do I save on books, but all sorts of online resources, movies, magazines, online and hard copies. I’m patient enough to put the latest bestseller on hold instead of buying it.” said one.

“You can use the library online; I use Toronto Library online and get digital books. If you don’t mind the wait time, it’s worth it!” another said.


10. Think Twice Before Buying A Car

Female taxi driver talking with male passenger. Man holding mobile phone in hand.

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Buying a car should be a well-considered decision, as it not only comes with financial burdens such as maintenance and insurance costs but also contributes to environmental impacts such as pollution and carbon emissions.

“DO NOT buy a car unless you need it.” said one. “Owning a car can be a huge expense, and it’s important to consider alternatives like public transportation, biking, or walking.” another suggested.

What’s the most economical thing you do? Let us know in the comments.

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