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The 10 Professions That Attracts Only “Jerks”, It’s Annoying!

While certain professions may be more likely to attract people with certain negative traits or behaviors, it is important to remember that this is not always the case. To generalize about an entire group of people is unfair and inaccurate.

A user asked which profession attracts the worst kinds of people. And here is what people have to share:

1. Nurse

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In any healthcare system, nurses are an essential part. They are responsible for providing compassionate and skilled patient care while collaborating with other healthcare professionals to improve outcomes. However, according to many, most nurses need to be more competent.

“Unpopular opinion but nurses. There is a lot, A LOT, of toxic, abusive high-school girl drama-type behavior among nurses.

It’s such an important job, and about half the people doing it shouldn’t be responsible for a yogurt, let alone a human being’s life.” said one.

“Nursing can sometimes apply to OP’s question as well. I swear that Nurses are either literal angles that walk this mortal plane or just the cattiest ego-tripping monsters you’ll ever meet, with seemingly zero in between,” said one.

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2. Stockbrokers

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Stockbrokers are skilled at selling and convincing, but many also misuse these skills. 

“I have some friends who are stockbrokers. I love them, but man, they are stupid artists. And not like, “Oh, they’re a good salesman and could sell you anything,” No, it’s like they make things up as they go along and try to sound confident in what they say.” said one.

“I had a stockbroker brother-in-law for a stint. I described him to friends as a man who could wrap a piece of nothing in a Snickers wrapper and sell it as a limited edition.” a user said.

3. Recruiters


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“I was a recruiter, and I can confirm. My office had tons of drinking, drugs, and married executives sleeping with recruiters 10+ years younger.” said one.

“I recently had a recruiter flirting with me through the whole application process and ghost me when things didn’t work out exactly as planned. The whole thing made me uncomfortable and left a bad taste in my mouth. He made me trust him when I shouldn’t have, and I learned my lesson.” a user shared.

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4. Real Estate Agent

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Every profession is competitive, but this one goes far and beyond. “Former real estate agent. Can confirm. I hated it. The amount of corruption and backstabbing in the tiny pool of sharks that this world is, is astonishing.” said one.

“In my line of work, property agents are my customers, and many, many of them are the worst people I’ve ever interacted with.” another added.

5. Sales

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Sales are great for businesses, but some people are willing to do anything for it.

“I’m in sales, and I have to agree with you. I’m less successful than some of my peers since I refuse to do half of what they are willing to do to make a sale happen.

I’m only in sales because it’s the only job I could find where I don’t have a boss. It’s mostly freedom for me, but there are slimy people in it.” a user said.

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6. Architect

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“I majored in architecture for two years, and to this day, I remember the pretentious, arrogant, almost self-worshipping attitude that career field has. I met an architect back then that said if he wanted to, he could design a house that would make a married couple get a divorce. Where do these people come from?” a user shared.

7. Politicians

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This one needs no explanation or introduction. 

“Good, authentic, and generous people would hate being a politician. So they don’t pursue it, and it’s always selfish and self-serving. 

8. Bouncers

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“I swear those people are always looking to create trouble so they can exercise their right to kick you.” said one.

“Former bouncer in my youth, and I can 100% confirm that most of the drama we were in was caused by the two biggest guys that just wanted to mess with people and brag about it while we had our after-shift drinks.” another said.

9. Cook

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Cooking can be stressful, but sometimes, it makes people savage.

“Every beyond the horrible person I’ve met has always been a cook.” said one.

“It is the only job I’ve been in where almost everyone has an addiction, and most have been to prison. A lot of damn hard workers in the industry, though.” another said.

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10. In The Field of Psychology

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“There are many great people in that field, but it also attracted the most manipulated and destructive person I’ve ever known. He’s a licensed therapist now, and I feel sorry for anyone who crosses his path.” said one.

“I am a graduated psychology student, and about 30% of students were really kind, empathetic people passionate about helping others. The rest were some of the most disturbed, unpleasant people I have ever met. I studied computer science for a year before psychology, and the computer science students were a million times more compassionate on average.” another said.

It is definitely unfair to generalize entire professions as attracting negative individuals. The article aimed at highlighing other people’s experiences of it and it’s always worth discussing which careers may be more prone to attracting certain behaviors.

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