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Cracks in Love: 11 Most Typical Triggers for Relationship Endings. Couples Beware!

Love relationships bring immense happiness and joy and help each other grow to achieve emotional wellness. Unfortunately, not all relationships are successful. Some are miserably ending up in breakups. 

A user asked the forum, what caused the last breakup? And here are the top responses. 



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While couples are happy and cherish the relationship at the beginning, however, as time passes, either one loses interest. It sadly put an end to the relationship. 

‘’He slowly got distant. I believe he lost interest and didn’t dare be honest about that.”



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It is disheartening to see people who give hope that they will come back, but in reality, they are never coming again. 

‘’He moved to his country because he missed his family. So he only sent a WhatsApp message saying he would stay there. I would have preferred a call to break up a marriage.:

“Something similar happened to my cousin. He married her in the US, and they had a baby together.. a few years go by, and he misses home and goes back to visit.. His family had an arranged marriage ready for him. He ended up with a new wife and a new baby. Hasn’t come back.”



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Mental health is equally important as physical health when it comes to maintaining a happier relationship. Unfortunately, people with mental disorders find it hard to continue their relationship forever. 

‘’Life got crazy, and he has ADHD, to put it simply. He would take all day to reply to texts, or sometimes he would just leave me to read. He wouldn’t call, and when I called, he would be playing a game or doing something else, so he wouldn’t listen to what I was telling him, even when it was necessary (which I know because I told him something significant and he didn’t remember it at all). Any time we were together, he was constantly on his phone scrolling through reels or tiktok.

He’s a good guy, and we’re still friends, but it really hurt. Especially because I’m a person that pays attention to very small details (quality time and physical touch).”



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What’s more disheartening is to get cheated by someone whom we love the most. Some people never take their relationship seriously and play with other people’s feelings. It badly put a painful end to the relationship. 

He married someone else while we lived together. Short version: he worked construction and stayed at the hotel he was remodeling during the week because it was almost four hours plus round trip per day because of traffic. Friday through Monday mornings, he was still at our apartment.

He started acting weird, trying to flip it on me, and I found proof he was cheating. He begged me not to leave, I told him I needed space to think things through. While sorting out my feelings, his marriage certificate arrived at our apartment. The Best part was to another girl, not even the one I caught him cheating on me with.

I confronted him, he started crying (again) and stated he did it for us and ACTUALLY meant it. Apparently, this maid at the hotel caught his eye and he said he would never know if I was really the love of his life unless he got to know her because she’d always be his what-if. So he started talking to her and learned she was getting deported because she was in the country illegally. So he married her…”For us” and seriously wanted me to stick around while he figured out his feelings.

Needless to say, I didn’t stick around. Also, I haven’t dated since because that REALLY messed me up.” 



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It is definitely unfair and no one deserves such kind of injustice to get ghosted by their loved ones. It is commonly happening nowadays which needs to be spoken out. 

I genuinely don’t know. We dated for about 6 years, lived together, and I was never told of any issues or problems. I came home from work one day, and she was gone along with all her stuff.

She worked with me, both managers at the time, and she never came back to work. Deleted her Facebook, and I never heard from her again. Her parents didn’t even know where she went.

I was devastated, I couldn’t afford our bills alone and couldn’t find a roommate quickly enough so I downsized a lot to a little one-bed apartment. My life spiraled and depression hit me like a truck, I developed severe anxiety issues, abandonment issues etc.

It took me a few years to get my head right, I’m happy now with a newborn son and a great SO but that WAS BAD and did cause issues for my current relationship but she’s been amazing and helped me learn productive ways to deal with it.

Please always at least say you’re not happy and leave instead of ghosting someone in a serious relationship.

I did find out a few years later from a buddy we shared that he bumped into her and her new boyfriend, and from what he told me, she was on drugs and it was pretty rough.



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When there is no proper understanding and communication between two people in a love relationship, it will never last forever. 

We had problems communicating. I didn’t know when he was serious or angry, and I took things very literally.

Turns out I’m autistic, and we didn’t know what was up then.” 




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When someone loves another for their secure job and money in their pocket, they are never going to stay forever in the relationship. With the incident given below, it is evident. 

“I lost my job, and she subsequently lost interest in me (and gained interest in a guy). Good for me.”



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When one enters a love relationship for monetary benefits, he/she is going to break up when they know that they are not going to get the expected benefit. The incident shared below is clear proof. 

‘’He wanted me to sign my house over to him for a loan of $30,000 to renovate it. I said no way, he took it poorly, and we broke up. The house is worth at least $600,000, as is, I just had poor credit at the time, but wanted to renovate.

He also wanted me to live with him, while his kids stayed in my place, rent-free, while they were going to school. NOT my kids. Oh, and he and I would pay for the mortgage, taxes, bills, etc, but they would upkeep it by doing the lawn and walking when it snowed.”



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The relationship will be affected when the addiction takes over the love and affection. It is important to take control of actions to experience a happier relationship. 

‘’He was a meth addict, and I was a drunk. He didn’t want to leave the lifestyle, but I did. I enrolled myself in college while he made plans to sell dope. We argued a lot, but I still loved him. Maybe he loved me too, and that’s why he stayed for so long. It’s been six months since I woke up to an empty space next to me. I wish I could hold him, but I know it’s probably not meant to be.

Edit; I’m not completely innocent, though. Some of the things we would say to each other were intense. In the end he got arrested, and I relapsed very hard on alcohol before moving on to meth. I’m in a new state now, but I wish he were here with me sometimes. It does get lonely without him to hold me these nights.” 



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A love relationship is like growing a plant. It needs constant effort and works at both ends. When even one of them fails to put in effort, a relationship will suffer. 

“She fell out of love with me, made no effort to keep our relationship for the last three years, and then cheated on me. I was dumb to not see the signs at the time.”



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Religion is one of the worst barriers to a  love relationship. It is putting an end to the beautiful relationships out there. 

‘’Different religions. I now understand religions shouldn’t keep people apart, and I’m an idiot.” 

Apart from these reasons, there are several other causes of breakup. It is important to be flexible and understanding to be happier in a love relationship. If the feelings for each other are true, they will constantly try to go along well with a love relationship. Do comment on your thoughts on breakups and relationships. 


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