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11 Celebrities Who Are So Creepy, You’ll Want to Burn Your TV

Some celebrities are just plain creepy. Whether it’s their appearance, their behavior, or their overall vibe, there’s something about them that just makes your skin crawl. But who are the creepiest celebrities of all?

A netizen recently asked, What celebrities do you find creepy?

Here is what users have to say. We had a good laughing plus cringing session while reading the responses, and in no case could we have missed the chance to tickle your funny bones or creep you out so here you go:

Note: This is purely for fun and gossip that people share about them.  

Adam Levine


Image Credits: DFree, Shutterstock

“Adam Levine. He has shifty eyes and the arrogance OOZES OUT.” Said one. 

“Adam Levine looks like the personification of hepatitis.” Another trolled. 

Mark Zuckerberg


Image Credits: Frederic Legrand – COMEO, Shutterstock

“Mark Zuckerberg falls right outside the uncanny valley for me, in that it’s immediately clear he’s trying to imitate a Regular Human *yet also* too incompetent at it to register as anything worse than amusing.” Said one. 

“His face is seriously AI before AI was a thing” Another replied. 

Kenneth Copeland


Image Credits:, Shutterstock

“Pretty sure that is what an actual demonic possession looks like.” Said one. 

“The first time I came across him and his wife doing a late-night infomercial, the easiest way I could describe them was as vampires. I had left the TV on as background noise, and some of the stuff they were saying made me stop and go, “Wait, what the hell did they just say?” Another replied. 

Jared Leto


Image Credits: DFree, Shutterstock

“Jared Leto. From him taking method acting way too seriously to his creepy cult, something ain’t right with that dude,” said one. 

“This is the answer I was looking for. As a climber, it ESPECIALLY irritates me that he’s becoming the most well-known celebrity rock climber and increasingly more associated with it. Almost everyone that climbs hates it too, he’s such a creep.” Another added.

Doug Hutchison

Portrait of disgusted woman, hispanic girl showing disgust for bad smell or taste.

Image Credits: Deposit Photos

“That guy who played Percy in Green Mile.” Said one. 

“Doug Hutchison. The dude gave me nightmares as Eugene Victor Tooms in The X-Files. He is a super creep in real life too.” Another added 

Steven Seagal


Image Credits: Markus Wissmann, Shutterstock

“There’s a BTB’ episode on him that’s horrifying and hilarious in equal measure.” Said one. 

“Glad someone mentioned Seagal.  That guy is a piece of crap in almost every way that a human being can be a piece of crap.” Another added. 

Ezra Miller


Image Credits: Featureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

“For real, was he even acting in ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin?” Said one. 

“I don’t understand how he still gets to work as The Flash.” Another added. 

Dan Schneider

Image Credits: Kues, Shutterstock

“As someone who has a foot liking, I’m very embarrassed by that creep.” Said one. 

“I only knew him as the chunky nerd on Head of the Class, I assumed he just retired after the show was canceled. I had no idea he became so powerful in the world of children’s tv biz, what a creep. Truly disgusting.” Another added. 

Ellen DeGeneres


Image Credits: Featureflash Photo Agency, Shutterstock

“Ellen DeGeneres. A soul as cool and cold as her ice blue eyes.” Said one. 

“Yes!! I have never been a fan of or liked her either. I could NEVER figure out how or why she was SO popular.” Another added. 

Woody Allen


Image Credits: Denis Makarenko, Shutterstock

“Even if the whole thing with his daughter with Mia Farrow is discounted or like never had come to life, I can’t understand how he survived marrying his stepchild. Like, What The Hell.” Said one. 

“He’s made me squirm for decades.” Another added. 

Armie Hammer

Image Credits: DFree, Shutterstock

“From being the next best thing to selling timeshares. His life has taken a complete turn” Said one. 

“I told my Dad, who didn’t know, about his cannibalism liking, and he thought I was messing with him.” Another added. 

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