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15 Incredible Prime Day Hauls That Will Inspire Your Shopping Spree

Are you among the many who leverage the power of online events to score savings on purchases, or do you dismiss them as inconsequential? If so, you’re not an outlier. Numerous individuals find these events to be a fantastic avenue for securing the best deals on items they desire and require.

An internet user asked, “How many people actually used Prime Day and other events to get some good deals? Who was able to take real advantage and save some money on things they wanted?”. We’ve curated the best responses below. 


brew coffee

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“My 14-year-old Keurig quit last week. I was going to buy a new machine anyway, so I waited to see what today’s deals were. I got a Nespresso for 35% off. It’s one of the 2 I had narrowed my search down to already. I think this is the first time I’ve ever really scored on a ‘need’ on a prime day.”


work 3

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“There was a computer I was eyeing. It was very expensive, even with a sale price. But with the Prime Sale, I saved over a few hundred bucks. I waited over a year for a deal. The sale price before was still out of my league, when I saw today’s deal I decided to splurge.” 

Secondhand Patio Set For The Summer

Beautiful happy woman with corly hair raising her arms with excitement.

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“After like a month of trying to get a secondhand patio set for the summer, I decided to snag one up for $300. I know the quality won’t be superb, but I can’t afford the multi-thousand dollar set we want this summer, so this will do for now and I’ll get you to enjoy my outdoor time.” 

Amazon Paper Towels And Toilet Paper


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“Amazon paper towels and toilet paper are the cheapest they’ve ever been. Good time to stock up!

Sparkle is a little cheaper at Walmart with the Walmart sale so if you have Walmart+ that’s a good option for you!” 

Basic Kindle, S4 of Westworld HD, And A Trash Grabber 

Portrait of an excited bearded man in eyeglasses standing with outstretched hands isolated over yellow background

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“For Prime Day I just checked all the things I already had on my lists and went from there. I ended up getting a basic Kindle @$65, an S4 of Westworld HD @$14.99, and a trash grabber @$13. The 6% + extra 1% on card rewards to delay the delivery by a week. I think Prime Day can be used thoughtfully and strategically.” 

Liquid LV

Young woman over isolated background taking a lot of money

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“After crapping on it I got some liquid LV since I needed it and it was $6 off because someone mentioned hydration deals.” 

Combination Robot And Mop Vacuum


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“I got a combination robot and mop vacuum for $180 instead of $500.” 

Cat’s Water Fountain

Young woman at outdoors keeping the arms crossed in frontal position

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“I was able to replace my cat’s water fountain with one of the same size but much cheaper. It JUST broke.”

Lego Razor Crest


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“The Lego razor crest is 30% off, it’s a pretty good deal considering Lego’s sky-high prices.” 

Treadmill/Walking Pad

Suprised young man standing isolated on white - copyspace

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“I was looking into getting a cheaper treadmill/walking pad for a while and found one that seems to meet my requirements.  It was lower than the historic low according to camelcamelcamel.

These kinds of sales are good if you already know what you want and you’re just waiting for a good sale. They’re a trap if you’re buying things you don’t need or want just because it seems like a good deal.” 

Blink Security Camera System

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“We got a Blink security camera system we’ve had our eyes on/have had in our YNAB wish farm.  $249 instead of $629.  Winner winner!” 

Echo Dot Kids

nanny with a kid

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“I got an Echo Dot Kids for $28. I didn’t need the Echo Dot, but it comes with a year of the Amazon Kids+ subscription, which is normally $48. So I’m happy with that. I got some dishwasher pods half off—I’m running low. I got a Barbie doll for my daughter for Christmas. And I got a 4 pack of AirTags for $57, which is an unbeatable deal since they are normally $100 for 4.” 

Echo Pop Smart Speaker


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“Since I intended to sign back up for Prime this month to watch a certain show, I decided to go ahead and start my free 30-day trial now. 

I got an Echo Pop smart speaker for $17. No idea if that’s a good price, but my original Echo Dot’s volume is stuck on low and I use it to listen to audiobooks, so it’s super annoying when I can’t hear it in the next room. 

I bought a new vacuum cleaner which ended up being $55 after using some cash back on my credit card. And some small craft storage boxes. A couple of items I buy frequently were marked down so I bought them as well. Maybe I spent $100.” 

Husband’s Birthday Gift 


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“I did! I got a good deal on my husband’s birthday gift. I’d been watching the price for a while now and knew what it retailed at on other sites and felt the discount was worth it. There were 2 other things I was hoping would be on sale but they weren’t so I passed on them for now.” 

Technics Earbuds


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“I got some Technics earbuds that were originally 249 bucks for 84.  Saved 6 bucks on a USB C. All I needed and far.”

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