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“Barbie: A Hit or Miss?” 15 People Share Their Opinions. Do You Agree?

Have you watched Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie’ yet? If yes, we’re all ears for your take on the much-talked-about movie. But first, have a look at the top reviews by some internet users below!

The ‘Kenergy’ Was Mind-Blowing

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“Everybody involved looked like they were having the time of their lives from every clip/interview / behind-the-scenes footage I’ve seen.

Ryan Gosling’s ‘Kenergy’ alone has me wanting to see it because, at this point in his career, I don’t think he’d be pretending to be this into a role if the movie was awful and wasn’t hilarious.

I loved Every Bit Of It

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“Just got out of it – freaking loved it, and it was so much more than I thought it would be.”, said one.

“I too loved every second. Found it surprisingly touching and I was shocked by how well the comedy landed… it’s one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a long time!”, another added.

Not Plastic, Just Fantastic

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“Barbie was fantastic! Layered, a bit existential, and just super fun!”

It Was Surprisingly Great


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“Came for the movie expecting all-out cringe. Turns out it’s just on the start, and I really enjoyed it. My favorite will be the ‘Ken Gosling faction battle against Ken Simu Liu faction’. Really impressed by that scene. I wonder how many laughs they made on shooting that scene.”

It Was Simply Incredible


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“Incredible movie. Funny, interesting, with an unexpected plot and *not only* a message to girls, but to boys, too! It was really really fun. I’m a fully grownup 33-year-old *Ken* and I think I’m gonna go watch it again!”

Ken Was Super Relatable!

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“I just got out of the movie, and while I enjoyed it for what it was, it was difficult to truly appreciate it because I already knew the whole plot since Ken is literally based on me.”

It Delivered More Than It Promised

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“It absolutely delivers on the comedy, but does try to have its cake and eat it too when it comes to pondering the deeper themes.”

Felt Like A Huge Cinematic Event

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“First time after Infinity War and Endgame had an event-like feeling at the cinema. Loved that and the movie!”, said one.

“Yes, this! It’s been so long since I’ve been with an audience that could freely laugh out loud together, get emotional together, and even have a hype man that got the whole theater cheering and various scenes! What an experience!”, another added.

Had A Blast

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“Just saw this with my GF and had a blast.”

Can be dumb at times but it’s a movie about Barbie. Just accept the Kenergy and enjoy the show.”

It’s Gonna Be Greta’s Standout Work

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“Caught a show today and absolutely loved everything about this Barbie! It was so fun but so clever. It was a real poke at patriarchy without making it dark. There was insane attention to detail and I truly believe this is going to go down as Greta Gerwig’s standout work. Easy 4.5/5 for me.”

Had A Very Unexpected Great Time

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“Saw it yesterday completely dressed in pink with a bunch of female colleagues who dragged me along to this pink premiere thing. I had zero interest and was not expecting anything but I honestly had a blast. Enjoyed the humor, great music, great art direction. Obviously, there is some capitalism in there and at the end of the day it’s just rebranding Barbie but the message is actually really nice and positive and I had a very unexpected great time. I really enjoyed Ladybird too so sounds like I should go and watch little woman next!”

This Felt So, So Dated

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“I had high expectations because of Greta but they should’ve been lowered because of Mattel’s grip on the story. This felt so, so dated. no new or interesting take/narrative when there were so many interesting avenues they could’ve gone down. women’s role in society is challenging? this is the great mic drop moment in 2023? I really didn’t think this was marketed to children, who this would be more groundbreaking for, but maybe it was. As an adult with a medium grasp of reality and culture, I was insulted aside from the message, the pacing was jolted, cramming too much into the plot and spending too long on certain ‘fun’ scenes that could’ve been spent building characters’ motivations/growth arc etc.

Anyway, A+++ casting and set design and costuming. Ryan killed. it just didn’t come together for me.”

There Was No Conclusion To The Movie

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“I’m going to be downvoted as hell for this, but I really didn’t like it at all. Yes, there were a few laughs but it just felt like it wasn’t deep enough and there was no point or conclusion to the movie. The metaphors used to progress the storyline were literally in your face and had no subtlety at all. I am really disappointed since I am a big fan of Gerwig, Robbie and Gosling.

And before anyone comes for me with the pitchforks, I went for the movie in a pink dress, heels and a full face of makeup just because I was rooting for it to be brilliant and cathartic, as many of the reviews suggested.”

Certainly Not What People Expected

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“Just walked out of the theatre and it was really good. Was interesting to hear a lot of people say ‘That was not what I expected’ as I walked out, although I’m not sure if they meant it in a good way or bad way.”

It Has A Positive Vibe We Needed


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“I am not the target audience for this movie, but I’m rooting for it to do well. It seems to be doing everything mostly right and has a positive vibe we need. There’s been enough disappointment from films in June, Barbenheimers got to be a success and it looks like it’s going to be.”

It’s Real And Puts You In a Good Mood

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“Just came from the theater, I felt so underdressed, literally everyone was wearing pink, even a lot of the guys (and I live in Serbia).

Loved the movie! Ryan Gossling is hilarious, the movie will do more for women’s empowerment than many other ‘more serious’ things. It’s not woke and fake, it’s just real and puts you in a good mood.”

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