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15 American Things That Non-Americans Find Fascinating

Americans are a diverse and interesting bunch, and there are many things that they do that people from other countries love. Some people love the American sense of humor, while others appreciate the American spirit of optimism. Still others love the American love of food and sports.

A user asked the forum, Non-Americans, what’s something that Americans do that you love?



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“The hash browns are in diners. I just love them.

And even when I find grated hash browns outside of the US, it’s never quite as good.”


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“The fact that yelling ‘yee-haw’ in a country setting will almost always be met with whooping, hollering, and other ‘yee-haw’s.

I live in the US, but I am from Ireland. I live in Arizona.”


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“When they do something, they go all out and really commit to it. Very enthusiastic people.”


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“What I loved about Americans I met is the encouragement to try new things.

Like: “Just go for it. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, you gain experience.”

Here in Germany, it’s more: “Nah, rather be careful. If you dare to fail, you are a loser that we won’t ever trust with responsibilities again.”


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“I’ve been to the US as a kid to see a family member that was living there at the time, so I had the chance to enjoy Halloween as any other kid living in us.

It was so cool, way more fun than in France.”



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“I really like that you do proper lemonade.

If you ask for lemonade in Australia, if you’re lucky, you get Kirk’s or Guess.

If you’re unlucky, you get Sprite, but you’re definitely getting something clear and fizzy that has never in its existence met a lemon.”


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“Americans I’ve met are usually a delight to talk to. Very upbeat and talkative from my experience.

I still remember a conversation I had with a small family who were on holiday on holiday where I live.

They basically told me their life story and what they were up to that day. Didn’t know them, but it made my commute home more interesting.”


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“Fried chicken sandwiches, they got it mastered.”


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“Free water at restaurants. Free use of bathrooms.”


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“For me, hands down, it has to be milkshakes.

Oreo milkshakes are the god damn best thing that I experienced when I came to America (I’m from Mexico).

It can be midnight, and I can just go to a fast food place and order any milkshake I want. It’s so simple, but it sure is amazing.”


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“Thoughts from an Australian that has visited the USA:

American BBQ is fantastic. I still haven’t had brisket anywhere near as good since coming home.

Your large population has allowed for more flavor choices to sell well enough to be profitable to produce. As an example, here in Australia, we get none of the Bacardi flavors and only a handful of the flavored vodkas (I’m talking bottles, not pre-mixes, btw) – your stores have six or seven different flavored white Bacardis and an entire wall of flavored vodkas.

Also, anyone coming to Australia that is willing to use their duty-free to bring me Bacardi Banana, please hit me up – that stuff is amazing, but import duties are nearly AUD$40 per bottle to get shipped here.

American Football is, without a doubt, the best sport on Earth. Harder hits, have more athleticism and are much more cerebral than rugby, soccer, or AFL. 

That sport was great enough to inspire me to travel across the globe and build a holiday around the concept of getting to see my Packers play live just once.

Your people – when they choose to be – can be some of the most giving, lovely, helpful people.

That Southern Belle accent is ridiculously hot. It is kryptonite to my willpower.”


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“This depends a bit on where in the US you are and also in the pre-covid times, but Americans hug a lot compared to Asians, and it makes me feel really fuzzy on the inside.”



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“Their positive attitude and positive thinking. That’s amazing and something that my country will probably never learn.

Also… I love that America is a general pop culture bastion. I would love to live in the USA.”


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“The outdoors. The sheer size of the country means there are so many national parks with a large variety of sceneries.

That said, the sheer size of the country also means you’ll be putting the same amount of effort into getting there compared to me visiting a neighboring country.

Culture is somewhat similar, so it makes planning/communication easier, though you’re not exposing yourself to other cultures.”


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“Their cars, I mean, the Chevy Corvette is awesome, and the whole thing with trucks is pretty cool too.

Not to mention their racing series, the Daytona 500, is the Super Bowl of motorsports, and the NHRA drag racing is crazy.” 

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