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AirBnB Host Provides ONE Toilet Paper For 6 Days Stay For 2 People. Is She Being Unreasonable?

AirBnB has been my go-to for years now. If I am on vacation, I am most likely renting out an Airbnb. But, over the years, the hosts and quality has deteriorated. 


Weird AirBnB Policies

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We all love vacations, but we all have also come across weird AirBnB policies. We came across one such funny incident. 


What Happened?

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The Original Poster (OP) says “host thinks “essentials: toilet paper” means a “welcome package” of 1 roll for 2 people, 6 days.” 


How Did The Conversation Go?

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OP share how the conversation with the host went

[host] Toilet paper is on its own.

[me] what does “is on its own” mean?

[host]Welcome kit is provided. You have to buy more.

[me] The listing says you provide “essentials”, including toilet paper [I include a screenshot of the listing’s amenities]

[host]Yes, but not for the entire stay. But no problem. I’ll tell [cohost] to give you

[me] That’s not what airbnb means by that, but thank you for the toilet paper.


What Else Happened At The Listing?

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The OP shares that the listing also lied about the free parking on premises, private workspace, 100″ tv, and ocean view.

However, he agrees if you went 2 floors up on the furnished roof, you could see a tiny bit of water between trees, but it is not what an “ocean view” supposed to be.


What Did The OP Feel?

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OP seems to vent out frustration and say, “The rest of the stay was quite good. This was just…petty and unnecessary, and one of the few times I’ve given fewer than 5 stars for accuracy.

What’s next, a “welcome package” of hot water? The first 100 MB of wifi are free, after that wifi “is on its own”? 1 pillow per guest is included for the first night but after that, you need to deposit a quarter in each pillow to use for the night.”


How Did The Redditor React?

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This post sparked a lot of controvery with people siding with both the OP as well as the host. While some think hosts are not “responsible” for providing essentials; others thing OP may not be following rules. 

A few others shared their experiences and sided with the OP. What do you think?


Guests Steal The Supplies

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“I put 6 rolls under the cabinet once for a one day stay. They took everything. I used to put cleaning supplies and detergent for the laundry machine.

Everything went missing. After getting stolen from, I don’t give flying rats thing if you need to buy another roll of TP. A x4 pack of TP in my town costs 5 bucks. I’ll set my guests up, but I’m not COSTCO.”

To which, a Redditor responded, saying “Then don’t advertise that you offer “essentials” in the amenities section and everyone will be clear on the expectations.”


It Does NOT Make Sense For Hosts

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“As a host we list essentials but do put in the listing that once the initial amount is out that for the guest to replenish on their own.

3 rolls per bathroom is what we do every turnover, and that’s for if it’s 1 guest or 6 or 2 nights vs 2 months. Did they have any similar verbiage? I definitely know we’ve had a very few guests who were not happy with our policy in the past but from our standpoint we use to replenish but guests took advantage and of we left 24 rolls they would take them all and it stopped making sense to send a cleaner each time.

Whenever I’ve traveled I always scope the home first and forecast what I need when I make first grocery run.”

OP responded saying that “Nope, there was 0 text in the description. I read listings very thoroughly, and a good amount of the reviews for the listing I’m interested in and the host’s other listings too.

Even 3 rolls is a reasonable amount, but if you list essentials you should provide them for the entire stay. The happy medium between your “we leave 3 rolls” and “guests take everything we leave” is to leave a few and provide more on request to prevent abuse. This place had a single roll. All I needed was a half a roll more. And she gave it to me, so why even act like it was a special favor? So puzzling.”


AirBnB Are Getting Worse

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“Honestly, I’ve noticed a lot of hosts cheaping out the last couple of years.

3 out of the 4 AirBnB’s we stayed at here in the US this year so far have had cheap polyester sheets that made me sweat like crazy — I started having to bring my own flat sheet and pillow because I can’t trust the sheet aren’t going to be bad. Never had an issue with any hotel I’ve stayed at having even basic cotton sheets

Half of the AirBnb’s here in the US and in Europe this year had a coffee maker listed, but no coffee (like am I supposed to be bringing my own coffee or buy coffee pods for a 2 night stay?)

1 of them wanted me to strip sheets and put them in the washer for checkout and take out the trash to the dumpster — weird how I’ve never had to do that with a hotel.

One of the places in Paris had a 3″ thick foam mattress that was literally a rock. I slept on the couch instead.

Wash rags are also such a hit or miss. It’s like a 50/50 chance that they are included or not.”


Report Within 72 Hours

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“You should contact AirBNB support. I got 30% of my nightly rate back because the listing promised a hot tub that wasn’t there. Keep in mind that you need to report within 72 hours of seeing the feature is not included.”

What has been your experience with AirBnB’s?


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