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26 Dream Jobs That Pay You to Be Outside

Some people are extroverts and love spending time outside and interacting with people. These people would find it exciting to work outdoors.

A user asked the forum, “Jobs where you spend most of the time outside?”. Here are the top responses. 


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“Surveying. Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it’s a breeze, but every day was outside trekking through places I’ve never seen before or places you aren’t usually allowed, always outside.”


Solar panel technician installing solar panels on roof

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“I do solar installation for residential use. I’m outside most of the time; we jam out to our radios/Bluetooth, smoke weed, and run on roofs like goats. It’s not a bad outdoor gig, and you don’t get super dirty.”


Caucasian Man is Walking Outside His House in Order to Take Out Two Plastic Bags of Trash. One Garbage Bag is Sorted with Biological Food Waste, Other is with Recyclable Bottles. Saving Environment.

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“Garbage man. Waste management paying $90k.”


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“Building fences. I had a lot of jobs, but building a fence was the best. It’s better than landscape, and if you learn, you can make some good money. It’s easy to learn.”


Elementary Age Girl in Child Occupational Therapy Session Doing Playful Exercises With Her Therapist.

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“If you’re okay with kids, being a camp counselor can be fun, and depending on where you work, you can be outside a lot of the time.”


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“My boyfriend’s dad started his own house painting business that’s been doing pretty well for almost two decades. Maybe don’t start your own, but joining a company that does it seems fitting.

He spends most of his days painting the outside/on top of houses, sometimes really lovely houses.

Although he does get commissions for murals inside every now and then because he’s a great artist, most of the time, the people aren’t home, and he just gets to paint by himself to whatever music he brings along with him to play. But most of the time, he is outside and does something similar because plenty leave him there to do his thing.”


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“Environmental consulting. The pay isn’t great, but you spend a ton of time outside.”


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“I’m a forester; I’m out in the woods 3-5 days a week, 12 months a year. I love it.”


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“Recreational tech. You don’t need a college degree, but you are essentially landscaping the forest from invasive species.”


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“Become a National Park ranger! I have two friends who are employed at the National Park. There’s a National jobs database, and if you’re willing to move somewhere off the path, there’s usually pretty decent compensation and often living arrangements.”


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“Do you like heights? A friend of mine worked servicing and repairing wind turbines. All of your work is outside. Nice views, too. I drive the Golden Gate Bridge quite frequently. You could get a jog painting the bridge or, even better, changing the lightbulbs on the tops of the towers.”


Attractive man lying on floor with his labrador at home in living room

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“I can’t believe no one has mentioned dog walkers! It’s probably going to be heavily location-dependent. Still, since I live in a decent-sized and dog-friendly city, I’m clearing $200+ a day quickly just walking around and listening to music. 

I’m only part-time since I’m in school, but to give you an idea, I charge $45/ hour and have recurring regulars. I average about $2,000 a month, working 3 hours a day, four days a week. There’s a lot of growth potential, especially if you can handle group walks or outings. During holidays, I can quickly clear $6k a month.”



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“Golf course maintenance. Still, it’s my favorite job I’ve ever had. You get to do lots of different tasks in a day. A part of me wishes I had stuck with it. Superintendents make a good living, especially at higher-end country clubs.”


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“Tree planters! My high school friend was a tree planter in Western Canada for a while, and he earned a lot. Practically outdoors 24/7.”



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“Try to become a lineman with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Work wherever you want, always outside, and make six figures. I have friends that do it, and they love it.”



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“Agricultural Research. It’s a niche field, but I was outside 60% of the time as a project manager.”



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“I worked as a pesticide application for lakes and trees. It required me to pass a test to get certified but no paid education beyond some training credits (attending convention lectures covered them) every couple of years. It was the most fun job I ever had.”



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“Maintenance Tech. My guys are outside all day.”


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“Packaging salesperson. Big money can be made if you’re good at it, $500k + for top representatives.”


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“I was a meter reader. That was a great job; I would go into the office, pick up my reader and computer, and then go outside walking all day. Unfortunately, I think many of those jobs are gone due to smart meters.”


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“Ecological restoration! Get to be outside and do good work for the environment!”


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“Gas pipeline maintenance and leak detection.”


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“Bicycle courier. There are several online services you can work for and make an extra income.”


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“I’m a pool tech, and I love it; I’m outside working by pools all day. It’s great.”


young french artist proud pose.

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“Commercial fishing, farming, husbandry, road construction.”


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“Zookeeper, park ranger, survivalist, fisherman, sports coach, diver driver, courier, bike messenger, etc.”

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