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21 Animal Facts So Bizarre, You Won’t Believe They’re Real (But They Are)

From bizarre behaviors to unexpected talents, the animal kingdom has some seriously messed up secrets. A user asked the forum, “What are some messed up animal facts?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Female dragonflies fake their deaths(crash to the ground and play dead) when stalked by an unwelcome lover.”


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“A polar bear will calmly stalk you and start eating you alive without roaring or charging.

Like how you would walk across the kitchen to pick up an apple and start eating while going about your day. No drama, no theatrics, just murder.”


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“Orcas are one of the very few apex predators of the ocean. They’ll hunt great white sharks, rip them open, and eat their livers (and sometimes heart) as an ocean delicacy.”


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“Lobsters pee out of their faces.”


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“Killer whales will slap a seal into the air. It will result in them dying from the fall. They do this not to get food or for their defense, but just because they’re bored.”


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“The honey bees you see in your yard are in the last 2 to 3 weeks of their lives.”


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“Great White sharks don’t stop eating when full; they stop when the food source has been eliminated.”


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“Sand tiger sharks eat each other while still in the womb. The momma shark has (I’m not entirely sure) at least a hundred eggs, and once they ‘hatch’ inside her, they’ll eat each other, and usually just one or two make it to even be out of the womb.”


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“When a lion takes over a pride, they will kill the offspring in the pride to get rid of future rivals and send all the lionesses into heat.”



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“Quite often, flies pull off their heads.”



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“Hedgehogs are known to put their feces in their mouths, create a foamy poop/spit mixture and deposit it all over their quills.”


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“Female butterflies have teeth in their reproductive systems.”


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“Rabbits can’t vomit. They are a lot like horses but smaller.”


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“Some species of wasps sting and paralyze spiders and lay their eggs in them. The eggs will hatch, and the baby wasps eat their way out.”


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“Baby chicks will become cannibals if you don’t keep them warm enough.”


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“Pelicans will walk through flocks of other birds and just pick up baby chicks and eat them alive. Parents don’t do anything because they can’t.”


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“Saw this one in person three weeks ago. Foxes will abandon some of their kids if there are too many mouths to feed. One of those extremely cute, cuddly little guys was left by his family to starve. Too young to know how to hunt. They just sat at the edge of the den, looking hopefully at every noise or disturbance.”


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“The platypus can inject you with a venom that has been described to be as painful as ‘hundreds of hornet stings’ via spurs located upon their hind legs.”


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“Kangaroos will drown you if given the opportunity.”


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“Pigs will eat a human body whole, bones and all. It’s good for getting rid of a body. Beware of pig farmers.”


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“Woodpeckers’ tongues wrap around their brain.”

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