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20 Things You Can’t Get At Traders Joes (They’re Actually Not Worth Buying)

When we go shopping, it’s a letdown if we can’t find what we want or if the stuff we see isn’t good enough for the price. Sometimes, the price is fair, but the quality could be better. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s the one thing you can’t get at Trader Joe’s?” 

Here are the common responses. 


Pretty chef woman holding a plate in hand with turkey meat ham with lettuce, asparagus, carrot, strawberry and lemon on a white background

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“Rotisserie chickens. I have to go to Costco for that.”


Portrait of impressed sad man wear blue shirt arm head open mouth isolated on green color background.

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“Bagels! They taste like Play-Doh, and I get mine instead from my local farmers market. Also, milk, as my local Trader Joe’s seems to have stopped selling the Lactose-Free Milk.”


Meatloaf (beef) with salad on a wooden platter

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“Meat, it’s so overpriced and tiny portions, and all their organic milk expires within three days, and it’s wild!”


Woman wearing a purple knitted beanie reacting in amazement and wonder puckering her lips into an ooh expression with wide eyes, on white

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“Missing a lot of spices. Too many spice mixes, not enough spices.”


Photo of funny young guy shrug shoulders wearing green t-shirt dissatisfied misunderstanding dude chill isolated on violet background.

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“Good oat milk. I have to get it from Target.”


peanut butter

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“I need my peanut butter to be as artificial as possible. So not there.”


Woman Slicing A Loaf Of White Bread

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“Bread that lasts longer than two days.”


squeezing sauce to save money

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“The ketchup is bad. Who the hell puts cloves in ketchup?”


Pretty female in red turtleneck sweater keeping hands near cheeks and looking at camera with astonished face expression while standing against gray background

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“Mayonnaise. Unfortunately, I love Dukes and can’t stand the Trader Joe (TJ) one.”


Young man with beard wearing business white shirt clueless and confused with open arms, no idea and doubtful face.

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“Ranch. I love some Trader Joe’s, but as a Midwesterner, that ranch is downright offensive to my people.”


Young Russian girl isolated on yellow background having doubts while raising hands

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“Their cup of ramen. The noodles all have a chewy texture, and the flavors are boring. The 99-cent stuff is better.”


2. Fresh fruits and vegetables grocery shop couple

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“Vegetables without a pound of plastic wrap on them. There’s no reason to wrap two zucchini together with 2 feet of Saran Wrap.”


MODEL with scared expression, keeps hands on head, jaw dropped, has terrific expression. Omg concept

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“Plain white sugar, I don’t get it.”



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“Cottage Cheese. Once I tried the Good Culture brand, I was hooked. I drove to several stores to find it. Worth it.”


Pretty woman wearing glasses standing over insolated blue background suffering from headache desperate and stressed because pain and migraine with her hands on head very tired.

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“Good grains, Trader Joe’s would greatly benefit from selling various beans and grains. They have a nice tri-color Quinoa mix, and the frozen rice is pretty good, though, so no major complaints; it would just be nice for them to expand on it.”


bbq sauce

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“Sriracha sauce. I don’t know what those knockoff sauces parading around at Sriracha sauce are at Trader Joe’s. But they taste like mild ketchup.”


Funny crazy man and woman spending time together. Cheerful couple or friends eating delicious cheesy pizza.

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“Frozen pizza. It’s all so boring, and that’s a bummer because my all-time favorite Trader Joe item was their discontinued Spinach and Ricotta pizza.”


A girl tries a beer with an expression of disgust in a street bar. Concept of alcohol poisoning and quit drinking

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“Chilled beer and wine. Some stores do have alcoholic beverages refrigerated, but most don’t. So that’s the only thing I would change about my local Trader Joe’s.”


Beautiful brunette young woman wearing glasses and casual clothes sitting on the table clueless and confused expression with arms and hands raised. doubt concept.

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“Condensed milk at any time other than the fall.”


Portrait of uncertain young stylish stubble man with trendy round glasses wears demin blue shirt, shrugs shoulders being puzzled or confused. Caucasian unsure male make gestures doubtfully with hands.

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“Red lentils. They discontinued them.”

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