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19 Things That Need To Be Kicked To The Curb In 2024. Are You Ready To Let Go?

From habits to trends, certain things need to be retired. A user asked the forum, “What needs to die out in 2024?” Here are the top responses. 


Frustrated money woman pulling hair

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“Ridiculous cost of living.”


Young hispanic woman with red hair standing over pink background tired hands covering face, depression and sadness, upset and irritated for problem

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“Bedbugs. Those creatures deserve no mercy.”


Beautiful young woman grabbing her own hair, isolated over white backgrund

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“Layoffs while CEO (Chief Executive Officers) get paid 300x the average employee and still get a raise 5x the % of the average employee as well.”


a man watching youtube

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“Subscription services, but they won’t. They’ll keep replacing single upfront purchases. It’s a shame.”


Portrait of shocked stressed woman gesturing with hands at laptop having bad news information sitting in modern workstation

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“‘Accept all cookies’ is the only option.”


Wow, shock and discount with portrait of black woman and mockup for advertising, sale and deal. Creative, idea and omg with girl isolated on white background for announcement, secret or notification.

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“Pumping in more and more advertisements into everything, even premium/paid monthly subscriptions/streaming. Sports are taking longer and longer due to more advertisements. More advertisements are being injected into everything.”


a politician standing

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“Politicians being able to lie with impunity.”


Portrait of mature woman recovering after chemotherapy. Senior woman fighting breast cancer and wearing a headscarf. Hopeful ill lady at home covering head with scarf looking away while sitting on sofa.

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“The tumor cells in every cancer patient.”


Closeup annoyed young man with cellphone. Long wait times, horrible conversations concept. Human emotion face expression reaction

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“People who use their phone speakers in public.”


a plate of coins for a tip or fee toilets. in english

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“Tipping for any little thing. I got arrested last Monday; after they cuffed me, I almost forgot to tip them for their services.”


Worried, sad business woman sitting by the table. Isolated on white.

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“The inability of people to have common sense and be kind to one another.”


filming in the gym

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“Filming everything. Filming at the gym. Playing phone speakers out loud in public. Price gouging. Rent hikes. Stagnated wages.”


yound blonde woman looking angry, annoyed and frustrated screaming wtf or what’s wrong with you holding dollar banknotes

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“Inflation has been hammered into my makeup as a human being through many experiences beginning in the 1970s, proving that inflation is the average person’s greatest enemy besides health issues. There is no other thing that touches a person’s life so significantly.”


looking angry, annoyed and frustrated screaming wtf or what’s wrong with you

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“Everything is cropped. Jesus Christ, I hate cropped things. If I find a cute shirt, it’s cropped, but a cute jacket? It’s cropped. Cute sweater? It’s cropped. I don’t care if people wear it, but it’s everywhere.”


feeling stressed, worried, anxious or scared, with hands on head, panicking at mistake

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“Shrinkflation. The price of goods goes up. However, they get physically smaller.”


Annoyed irritated young feeling frustrated with something against red studio. Human facial expressions, emotions and feelings. Fatigue or boredom concept

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“Greed is the main reason for many bad things currently happening on our planet.”


baby shower

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“Gender reveal parties where they start forest fires just to announce their unborn child’s gender like seriously, just send a text to everyone saying ‘it’s a boy/girl.'”



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“Sports betting or at least the advertisement blitz. My state has just allowed sports betting in the past couple of years. Let me tell you, I have never seen a non-substance addiction hit a state so hard. A lot of people I know are gambling people with an addiction who don’t want to admit it. It’s only getting worse, too.”


social media facebook

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“Social media ‘challenges’ to break the law or hurt people.”

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