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19 Things That Every Man Does But Never Admits. Are You Ashamed?

Every man has his secrets. Some are big, some are small, but we all have things that we wouldn’t want everyone to know.

An internet user asked, “What have all men done at least once in their lives?”, and we were thrilled by the responses!

The Nod

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“I once ran into a female friend of my girlfriend on the street, she said hi and I did the nod, I later heard from my girlfriend that her friend had told her she saw me and said hi and I just looked straight at her and said nothing LMAO.

It was on this day that I learned there are people who do not understand the nod.” 

Pressing The Drill Trigger Twice 

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“Pressing the drill trigger twice before using it.”, said one. 

“Once to make sure it is working. Once to check the direction of spin.”, another added. 

Throwing Rocks Into Water

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“Throw astronomically big rocks into bodies of water.”, said one. 

“Bachelor party pt. 1: went kayaking with the dudes. We always stop and swim around for a bit. It turned into a game of ‘who can pick up and throw the biggest rock’.”, another added. 

Wake Up To Dilemma

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“Awoken from their slumber with a raging thing going on .”, said one. 

“I know! I would like a Charles Darwin explanation for why this happens. I know it keeps the sheets off the sunburn but there’s gotta be a survival reason!” Another added. 

Taken An Extra-Wide Step On A Hot Summer Day

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“Taken an extra-wide step on a hot summer day.”, said one. 

“The best part is (*most*) women have absolutely no idea unless they’ve been clued in before LOL.”, another added. 

Testing The BBQ Tongs A Couple Of Times 

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“Given the BBQ tongs a couple of test clicks before using them.”, said one. 

“I’ve read that this is our brain’s way of calibrating to the tool since we treat tools as extensions of our limbs. Same reason you give the drill a couple of spins.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it seems logical.”, another added. 

Imagine the Future With A Stranger 

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“Picture our whole life with a stranger we found attractive. It’s common, right? Right?”, said one. 

“Oof. Yeah, I’m doing this right now with a girl I have a casual relationship with… Gotta cool my jets LMAO.”, another added. 

Confused Lust With Love

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“We’ve all done it, sometimes we learn quickly from it and other times we have to repeatedly make the same mistake.” 

Attempted To “Use The Force”

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“Attempted to “use the force” when not wanting to get up for the remote.”, said one. 

“Yeah but if someone passes you the remote then it worked and before someone says that doesn’t count, remember that *mind trick* is also using force.”, another added 

Remembered A Random ‘Eye Contact’

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“Share eye contact and a smile with a random woman on the street on a sunny evening and never forget about her.”, said one. 

“20 years ago, we had 2 kids and a nice home in my head.”, another added. 

Missed Super Obvious Signs A Girl Was Into Him

shocked wtf

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“Missed super obvious signs a girl was into him, and didn’t realize until years later when you made the connection that she wanted to offer you coffee in the morning. After you woke up next to her.” 

Got Rejected By Their Crush

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“Got rejected by their crush. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep going, it hurts but it’s part of the learning experience.” 

Imagined Superheroes And Villains 

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“Thinking of imaginary supervillains and fighting as a superhero.” 

Cried Like A Baby

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“Cried like a baby all alone.”, said one. 

“I have to get really drunk and watch certain episodes of certain shows or listen to specific songs to do this.”, another added. 

Tried Balancing The Light Switch 

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“When turning a light switch off, you try to balance the switch in the middle.” 

Thought They Were Ready To Fight When They Clearly Weren’t 

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“Done the whole ‘I wish someone would pick a fight, I’m ready to kick some people’ before realizing that you have no idea how to fight, and emotions are no replacement for skill.

The number of times in my youth I thought the other guy was lucky for walking away… Thanks for saving me from myself, strangers.” 

Questioned Their Orientation

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“Question their intimate orientation, or wonder if they could be the other way. Even though they won’t wanna admit it, it’s human nature.” 

Messed Up YouTube Tutorials 

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“Realized that whatever tutorial you saw on YouTube looked a lot easier than what you are attempting to fix in real life.” 

Expressed Their Feelings Alone

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“Spoken the inside thoughts out loud, to eternal regret.” 

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