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17 Things America Does Better Than Any Other Country

The United States is a country of innovation and opportunity, and it has been at the forefront of many global advancements. A user asked the forum, What does the US do better than the rest of the world? Here is the common response. 



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“The ADA was super successful. This ensures there are ramps, elevators, braille, and options for everybody and ability everywhere. Even concerts have accessible entries and spaces to view from.” 

“Access for people with disabilities for sure. Safety considerations in public places such as old historic buildings. No smoking in restaurants. What we don’t do well is portion control and sugary diets.”


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“Free water at restaurants.”


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“Military logistics.”

“Logistics in general. The US has one of the most efficient rail systems for freight in the world.”


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“Especially the American private sector now rocks.”

“A lot of the research that goes into space today will be the technology for people in the coming years. US budget for space program in 2022 was $61B, followed by China at, $12B”



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“National Parks/public lands.”

“Agreed. The United States has the most diverse land in one country on the planet. And quite a bit of it is protected.”


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“Free toilets.

You’ll pay everywhere in Europe, and it is a two-sided sword. On the one hand, someone is motivated to keep the toilet in order; on the other hand, a lot of corners smell like urine, which is unbearable, especially in summer and in places where a lot of beer is drunk.

E.g., Czechia and Germany. The lovely medieval alleys of the old towns tend to acquire a nasty medieval smell if it hasn’t rained for a long time.”


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“Firearm availability (for better or for worse).” 


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“Good food. Like seriously. Texas / Southern food is something else. Spices, butter, garlic, seafood. You guys have it all. Oh. Also dessert. I live in Korea. Their traditional dessert is like rice cakes, which are neither delicious nor visually appealing.”


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“National Parks. We had the luxury of having lots of land and not many people when we became a developed country, and some forward-thinking leaders decided to set aside some of the most beautiful places on the planet for all of the people.” 


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“Medical research.”



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“Professional jobs in finance/accounting/law/engineering/tech. No other country pays anywhere near as well, and those jobs likely include health insurance, so that’s not an issue.”


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“Easy access to hot water, quality of life, technological advancements, most satellites in space, GPS, food safety,”


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“Scripted television. There are great shows from other countries, but it is hard to match the output of top-notch content coming from the USA, and a lot of this is thanks to good writers.”


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“Loving their country and working hard as a nation to achieve big things. Military. As a Canadian, I’m jealous of these things. We have no backbone and aren’t united at all.”


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“Fast food. Yea, it’s usually unhealthy crap, but if you ever get a craving for something greasy and delicious, you have all the options in the world. Here we only got Mcdonald’s and KFC.”


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“Space exploration. Arguable because it goes in cycles, and Russia got to space first. But America does a good job at space exploration.”



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“Marketing and wealth extraction. No other place on earth is as astute about identifying people who could use a lighter wallet and ensuring that happens.”

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