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17 Terrifying Things About Other Gender That You Should Know

Have you ever had a realization about the opposite gender that was so profound and unsettling that it terrified you?

An internet user asked, “What is something about the other gender that terrified you?

Men and women, what is something you’ve discovered about the other gender that terrified you? Terrified can be taken in any meaning.”

Men’s Physical Strength

man gym

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“How easily I can be overpowered. I’m small, I get it. But to have a man, not that much bigger than me, subdue me with minimal effort, while I’m trying to get away.

This feeling was terrifying. We were joking around, but I don’t think either of us had realized before just how much more powerful men are than women. Without even trying.”


lady crying and upset. sad.

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“Periods. I’ve met a couple that have such bad periods it completely takes them out of commission to do anything ‘normal’.

The sheer pain and suffering I can’t ever imagine. The look in their eyes is so heartbreaking.”

The Stretchable Scrotum

Young man with a problem crying

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“I didn’t know scrotum can stretch like they do. The first time I saw it I was absolutely baffled! Also, my first boyfriend had an injury as a teen and his balls would pop up in his body, leaving the sack empty. Balls are weird.”

Men’s Unexplained Explosive Rage


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“Some men have this rage that I don’t understand. Explosive.”, said one.

“I am hopeful that this will decline over time. I really think this is a lingering boomer byproduct.. they are hands down the least emotionally intelligent or emotionally informed generation.

All that man up, and bury your feelings stuff is super toxic, and kids grow up without knowing how to process their feelings in a healthy way because their parents didn’t care to try and understand them or learn about neurodivergence.

Even the idea of seeing a therapist is concerning to them.”, another added.

Women’s Gossips

bullying, friendship and people concept - two teenagers having a fight

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“Women talk. About EVERYTHING amongst themselves. I know men are known for their immature locker room talk, but ever listen to a pack of 30-year-old women discuss their private lives together????

Us men say ‘You hit that? Nice.’ And move on. Women recount every little detail from start to finish, and it’s terrifying.”

Men’s Obsession With 20-Year-Olds

Young black man wearing casual pink sweater afraid and shocked with surprise and amazed expression, fear and excited face.

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“How obsessed they are with 20-year-old women and will discard their own wives or girlfriends like a piece of trash when they start aging.”

A Woman’s Appetite

Young handsome man with blue eyes wearing casual sweater standing over pink background In shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth.

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“How can a 5’1″ 90lb girl take a big thick burrito and eat the whole damn thing in one sitting? Plus have chips and salsa while we’re waiting for our food. Wait…what did you think I was going to say?”, said one.

“A woman’s appetite the very few times they don’t have stomach problems my best friend once ate half a chicken sandwich in one bite all while maintaining eye contact.”, another added.

Men Objectifying Women

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“That so many of them see women as nothing more than an object, that they can look at another human being just of a different gender and not see the humanity in them.”

Common Sense Isn’t A Man’s Strong Suit

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“So, I am an older woman, and my experience with men ( I am speaking of significant others, most of whom were incredibly bright) was that common sense was not their strong suit. I have to be honest, insight into the human condition was weak, too.”

Women Being Emotionally Manipulative

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“How emotionally manipulative women can be. People always talk about how dangerous men are for their strength, yet rarely talk about how dangerous a woman can be with manipulation.”

Women’s Unreliable Love

Portrait of perplexed Asian Kazakh girl with a dazed face expression spreads hands, asking what? why? OMG, WTF, human emotions concept

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“For women, it’s how they can love you one second and the next (for seemingly no reason) they couldn’t care less. They just wake up one day and decide you’re not good enough”

Women’s Aggressive Calmness

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“From my experience. The women I have known including my mother. Sisters, daughters, ex-wife and current wife. When they get really mad, it’s like an aggressive calm (if that makes sense) and then kinda talk through their teeth. It scares the hell out of me.”

Women’s Weak Emotional Boundaries

sad cry man

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“The women I have encountered do not have boundaries when it comes to emotional violence. I have seen many break their opponents until emotionally they are nothing.”

The Thin Line Between Flirting And Harassment In The Eyes Of Women

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“For me, as a man, there is a very, VERY thin line between flirting/friendliness and harassment. I have no issue respecting a person’s boundaries, as long as they are clearly communicated.

This is mostly true when the woman is an immature nutcase whose moods change with the wind. First, you guys are friends, and then she’s a victim of harassment when you’re no longer interested in her.

I still remember the first girl I ever had feelings for falsely accused me of harassment. Then, two weeks later, she was crying because I was no longer interested in talking to her.”

Women’s Memory Power

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“The memory of a female… I asked a chick out back in high school (2013 time frame) and 3 months ago, she still remembered I asked her out.

Given I haven’t spoken to her since it’s crazy she still remembered I even existed and added me on Facebook to catch up. Idk, I forgot it, and when she told me that I felt it, I felt bad for myself…”

The Misogynistic Male Crowd

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“How misogynistic a large number of men still are today and how it continues to manifest as molestation and murder of women. How many men view women as property and lesser than others?

How many men say ‘not all men’ or argue instead of going after the actual rapists and murderers. I believe most women can relate to this on some level, unfortunately.”

Women Using Their Beauty As Power

Closeup portrait funny, foolish, middle aged childish rude bully woman sticking tongue out at you camera gesture, acting out isolated orange background. Human emotion facial expression, feelings. Signs, symbol.

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“The most powerful person in the world is a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman can get anything she wants and some men will do anything for her. Knowing she likes me elevates my existence. If she doesn’t I’m defeated. Their POWER over me is scary. I’m glad I outgrew it.”

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