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17 Things That Are Real, But Feel Like They Should Be Fake

With the advancement of technology and human evolution, some incredible events are happening that may be challenging to believe.

A user asked the forum, “What’s something you know is real / proven but still can’t wrap your head around it?” Here are the top responses. 


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“The thinness of the Earth’s crust and atmosphere. That we are so relatively close to plunging into a fiery hell of molten rock or being pulled into the vacuum of space.”


music teacher.

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“How vinyl records work. Not only do they work, but somehow, someone figured out how to do it. What do you mean you pressed some squiggles into plastic, and now it makes music when you run a needle across it? Makes absolutely no sense.”


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“We are closer to when Tyrannosaurus Rex lived than he is to Stegosaurus. The concept of millions upon millions of years is unfathomable to me.”


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“Gravity impacts the flow of time.”


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“Bluetooth. You’re telling me we start with rocks, and somehow I hear music from my phone on my headphones without them being connected?”


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“We’ve cloned a sheep. I barely have a solid internet connection, yet we’ve cloned a sheep. Make it make sense, people!”


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“That Flat Earthers are 100% serious in thinking the Earth is flat.”


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“Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity). It’s everywhere all of the time, and data is all over the place, but things stay calm. At any given time, there are about ten devices using Wi-Fi in my house and every house on the street, and everything works. My stuff isn’t accidentally appearing elsewhere, but if I want to, I can make many different devices immediately start playing the same song simultaneously.”


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“Dark matter and dark energy. It encompasses 95% of the universe, and we have no idea what it is. We just know it’s there.”


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“Dying. I can’t wrap my head around it. I will be gone forever one day.”


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“The six moon landings and every astronaut’s safe return, given the state of computers at the time.”


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“A country like North Korea with absolute dictatorship can still exist in the freaking 21st century.”


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“Jellyfish. You’re telling me a brainless underwater glob of gelatin exists to electrocute other things? Okay, sure, why not. I’m an idiot and said electrocute when I should’ve told Sting; thank you. Still can’t believe there are stinging globs of marine life.”


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“Sharks are older than trees, the rings of Saturn, and Polaris.”


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“That airplane stayed up in the air. They are so heavy. I know aerodynamics and lift and thrust. But that plane is really heavy.”


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“Evolution. How can a process of such tiny, incremental changes still have tangible, positive benefits in an individual organism’s reproductive or survival chances?”


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“One of them is video calls. As I can be in Europe, the other person in Australia, our faces and voices somehow transmit in real-time.”

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