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Cringe-Worthy No More: 17 Public Embarrassments That Will Make You LOL

It is a bad day when an embarrassing thing happens publicly. We feel weird and frustrated. It also affects our mental health. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s the most hilariously embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you in public?” Here are the common responses.


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“I was trying to get a watermelon out of one of the huge watermelon boxes at Walmart. It had some on the bottom. When I reached for one, I fell in. The produce guy came and got me out when someone asked him what kind of watermelon it was (referring to me).”


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“My daughter, two or so at the time, tripped while jumping up and down next to me and grabbed my skirt as she fell. My dress had an elastic waistband, so she pulled my skirt down as she fell, exposing me. I had the baby in my arms, so I took a minute to get the dress back up.

Other info: I was in the grocery store line, and she tripped on the shopping cart wheel. I was a commando because I had three children, a husband out to sea, and it was that crazy time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.”


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“I once intercepted a high five that I thought was for me, but it was not.”


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“The bus was coming to a stop; I exited my seat; as the bus braked harder, I slipped, hit my head on a handrail, full knockout. Ambulances arrived, the whole road was closed, and many journeys were disrupted.”


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“I was trying to reposition some pallets into a dumpster, and when I jumped out, my coveralls hooked on a piece of the dumpster. I was left hanging on the side with my feet one foot from the ground (the place of business was on a major thoroughfare). 

After hanging there for about ten minutes and probably 500 cars passing and laughing at me, an elderly gentleman stopped and freed me from my predicament.”


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“When I was a teenager, I was riding my bike through a carnival held by a local church. Me and a clown on a unicycle crashed right into each other. I got up, grabbed my bike, and left.”


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“Helping my son with a flying fox, I was running with him helping hold on in a busy playground, and my shorts fell; I couldn’t let go of him, so I stepped out of them and continued to the end in my underwear.”


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“Slipped walking down a ramp in front of a busy cafe while carrying multiple coffees. In true sitcom fashion, all four coffees flew up and spilled all over me. Fun times.”


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“When I was fifteen, I went to the town to do a bit of shopping. I’d got my new trendy skirt on and done my makeup carefully. I felt great. Walking around town, I noticed I was getting lots of looks and was starting to present myself when I saw my reflection in a shop window. 

My mascara had run on both eyes, and my skirt was tucked into my pants at the back. Forty years later, I still feel the heat, embarrassment, and shock.”


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“I was walking back through town after losing my first job when I was 16-17, so I was already in a foul mood; that’s when a pigeon decided to poop all over my shoulders and down the front of my coat in front of a bustling high street full of people. Cue me shouting, ‘What are you all looking at? Never seen someone suffer like this before?!’. Not my best day, that one.”


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“Was staying in a hotel with work and had been out for a few drinks. I woke up in the middle of the night for a bathroom, and in my drunken state, I mistook the hotel room door for the bathroom door.

I was standing in the hotel hallway without my bottoms and realized what I had done as I heard the room door click shut behind me. I was on the fourth floor.

I had to get in the lift and go down to reception. It stopped on the 2nd floor, and the doors opened, and a young couple was waiting to get in. I just hid my modesty and said, ‘You should probably get the next one,’ to which they agreed.

I had to walk from the lifts to reception and get a new key. I asked when the woman at the desk was working so I could avoid her in the morning. She said 7 a.m. I returned to my room and decided not to eat breakfast until 8 a.m. Lift doors open, I start walking across the foyer, and there’s a cheer from the lady in reception and a couple of her colleagues shouting ‘Good morning, Mr X, nice to see you with some clothes on for a change’.”


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“I got stomach flu on my first day at a new job in an unfamiliar city, and the symptoms started after an hour at work. I was working downtown and couldn’t find a public bathroom in time and ended up pooping myself inside the lobby of a busy building.”



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“Many years ago, I was at the university library working on an assignment. I put a CD in my bag into the computer and plugged in my headphones to listen to music while working. Part of the computer’s front panel was missing, so I didn’t realize I had plugged the headphones into the wrong port. 

I get most of the way through the first song, and another woman points out that the music isn’t coming through my headphones but the speakers. This was in a quiet library. I almost died of embarrassment, packed up my stuff, and left.”



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“Yesterday, I fell over in the middle of a crowd. I was roller skating. I am tall and have long limbs, so I looked like when spiders shed, and their legs are all crumbled up.”


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“It was my 34th birthday dinner at a well-known restaurant. I dressed up, was fit, and felt good. Exiting the bathroom, I noticed the younger Italian waiter staring at me. I was thinking, ‘Yep, not doing too bad’.

Another waitress came to our table and crouched next to me. “Excuse me, your shoes.”

I looked down. I had hooked toilet paper in my stiletto heel and trailed a length of toilet paper through the restaurant. All with a too cool-for-school attitude.”


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“I hand-fed a donkey at a petting zoo, and it grabbed my arm and tried to drag me into its den, then I got chased by a duck 5 minutes later that was continuously pecking at me. The workers had no idea why the animals were attacking me.”


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“About 18 years old, I gave 1.80€ to the bus driver in little coins, easy to misscount because it was always the cost. I went looking for a seat when he called me back telling me the count wasn’t right, the cost was 2€, and I had no idea.

I pay him and find a seat next to a guy I remember seeing at school four years ago. He was cringing at my presence, and the old people said, “he tried to steal,” and “he’s a thief.” The kids were looking at me. The driver understood, though. I never took the bus ever again. I’m a fervent ecologist but refuse to take anything but the individual car now.”

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