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17 Everyday Products That Noone Uses for Their Intended Purpose, Do You?

Many products are invented for one purpose but are used for something completely different.

A user asked the forum, “What product is rarely used for its intended purpose?”

Here are the best responses he got!


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“Clothespins have spent years keeping bags of chips closed in my house, not a minute hanging up clothes.”


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“The corner that says FREE PARKING on the Monopoly board.”


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“My vibrating back massager.”


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“I’ll be deep in the cold ground before I use a Q-Tip correctly.”



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“It was invented as a wallpaper in the 1950s.”


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“Love rose. Aw, it’s a romantic gift, a little glass tube with a paper rose inside!

People take the rose out and use it as a crack pipe.”


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“Works on everything but ducts. (they make a special tape for that, and it’s not called duct tape).”


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“K-Y Jelly was originally developed as a surgical lubricant.”

WD 40

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“WD-40 was created to stop nuclear missiles from rusting.”


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“Lysol was marketed as a feminine hygiene product.”


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“Water Pipes”… because everyone uses a 2-foot bong with a percolator and an ice catch for tobacco.”


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“I want to say pool noodles. I see a new craft for them weekly and rarely see them actually in a pool.”


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“Glove compartment in a car. Who has gloves in them? I think they are a throwback to when people had driving gloves.”


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“The only purpose of a yardstick is to be a pretend sword. But sometimes I use it to fetch stuff from under the couch.”


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“Treadmills at home. Or any exercising equipment at home..ends up being a clothes holder.”



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“Listerine was originally sold as a floor cleaner.”


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“I mean, who knows what all those tools are for? It’s a pocket-sized gadget for making you feel wildly unprepared for any situation.”

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