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17 Pieces of Advice That Are Actually Terrible. You Can Get Punched!

Advice. A double-edged sword. It can be a beacon of guidance or a grating irritant. While some advice is welcomed with open arms, others elicit an eye roll so forceful it could power a small generator.

A user asked the forum, what advice do you hate the most? Here are the common responses.

QUIT 9 TO 5 

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“Quit your 9 to 5 job and start a business.”


A woman taking a nap in a white sheet.

“‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ – I can’t sleep whilst I’m driving, SUSAN.”



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“I’m in physical therapy after a multiple car crash; I hate “You must be patient”… it’s been 15 months.

I’ve got very little income, I’ve got a family, and I didn’t cause the incident.”


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“Why are you depressed? Just be happy.”

Thanks, I’ll get right on it.”


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“Just ignore him; you’re giving him more power by being upset.”


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“Unsolicited advice is just criticism in a trenchcoat.”


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“If you can’t sleep, just go to bed earlier.”


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“All the motivational rat race that I see on social media about working towards economic and social “success.”

Don’t let these people force you into their delusions of grandeur; your worth has nothing to do with private jets and expensive suits, you do you.”


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“It’s all in your mind. Don’t think about your disease, and you will be alright.”


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“If you don’t like your job, just go and get another one. If it was that simple, I wouldn’t be in a job I hate.”


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“They say ‘Do what you love as a job, and you’ll never work a day in your life.’ 

My experience has been, ‘Do what you love as a job, and it will take all the love out of it.’”


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“Not sure if this is technically advice, but people say it like advice: “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Well , not living in poverty sure does.”


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“He/she’s just a kid; you should be more tolerant.”


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“Something I heard recently from my parents – “You are the elder sister; you should try to maintain cordial relations with your sibling. Forgive her mistakes.

After all, you’re the responsible and mature one. After we are gone, you both should support each other. Watching you both argue and fight makes me stressed out, and eventually, I’ll die because of this pain.”


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“Don’t go to bed angry.”

Stupid advice; pushing an argument in place of sleeping over it is ridiculous. Often you wake up, and the argument seems small and petty in retrospect.”


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“‘Stop overthinking’, like it’s my choice.”


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“When people say “Don’t compare yourself to others”.

I’m like… that’s a good thing. Everybody does it, and that’s how people improve their skills.

I mentioned that some dude at a show was great at the guitar and jokingly said I gotta go home and practice. In my mind, it’s like a challenge accepted and a motivator when someone is way better than me at something.

The people I was with said you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, and I said you guys are projecting, and that’s why you are wearing designer clothes and are always buying useless crap to impress others.”

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