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17 Childhood Foods That Are Now Your Worst Nightmare

As children, we had different taste preferences, but as we aged, they began to change, resulting in an aversion to many foods. A user asked the forum, “What’s a food that you loved as a kid but now find totally disgusting?”. Let’s look at the top comments.


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“About two dozen brands of breakfast cereal.”


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“Vienna Sausages. I used to pack them daily for lunch. Now the smell makes me sick.”


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“Ketchup on everything.

We used to eat so much, my horrified dad lied to us that it was made of sugar, rotten tomatoes, and vinegar squeezed through the toes of people with stinky feet. We didn’t touch the stuff for years.”


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“I loved the school pizza every Friday until one day, I found it too bland.”


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“Toosties rolls. It’s literally chocolate-flavored wax to me now when I used to love them as a kid.”


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“Circus peanuts. These orange foam things. Also Peeps. Both too sugary.”


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“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hostess pies. I loved them and find it totally disgusting that they’re no longer available.”


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“Kraft Singles and Twinkies. They both taste like garbage now.”


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“Hot dogs cooked in the microwave.”


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“That peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. Goober, I think, was the name.”


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“Canned meatballs! I think they were Puritan. (Canada)”


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“Lots of sweets/candy. I don’t have the stomach for it now. Like chocolate spread? Ew.”


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“Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies… I could down like three at a time, no problem. They just taste like plastic gelatin brownie-flavored sugar now.”


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“Pizza Pringles were the bomb. Now I can’t stand the texture or aftertaste.”


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“Milk chocolate. For some reason, about a year ago, I woke up, and I didn’t like it anymore.”


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“I used to love Chef Boyardee. I had it once as an adult, and two things: damn, it got way too sweet, and my God, where did this heartburn come from.”


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“Cream soda. Especially the Crush brand. Way too sugary for my taste. Same with strawberry soda.”

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