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16 Incredible Stories of People Who Survived Because They Trusted Their Gut. You Should Too!

We all must have felt that gut feeling that we can’t explain to others. It is so intense and magical and sometimes can even save lives. 

A user asked the forum, “What was the gut feeling you listened to that saved your life?” Here are the top responses. 


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“When I was 13, I walked to the bus stop in the morning. A car was going through my neighborhood very slowly, which made alarm bells go off in my head. 

When it passed me, I glanced over my shoulder to keep an eye on it and saw it was doing an immediate U-turn. Noped right out and dove through the bushes, crossed a bunch of driveways, and found a neighbor who was washing his car. 

I looked back to where I had been standing. The strange vehicle had stopped, and a seriously scary-looking guy had gotten out and was looking in the bushes. I don’t know if I would’ve died precisely, but I would not have had a good time.”


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“Driving uphill behind a flatbed truck carrying I-beams, I envisioned them sliding off the truck and hitting my windshield. I changed lanes so I wasn’t behind the truck, and two seconds later, the I-beams were sliding off onto the road where my car would’ve been, sparking and gouging the pavement. Terrifying. To this day, I won’t stay behind a truck with anything strapped down.”


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“In middle school, I was up late one night. Mom and brother were asleep, and dad was gone on business. I had let the dog out, and when I went to get him, I got a bad feeling like someone was out there. There wasn’t a reason to feel this way; it was just dark, and I got spooked, so I put the chain lock on the back door when we returned. 

Back then, we never locked our doors. A few minutes later, the dog is drinking by the back door, and he suddenly stops and starts growling (like a low grumble) at the door. I was sitting where I could see the dog but not the door. 

Then I hear the door pull open and the chain lock catch. The dog started barking, and I ran upstairs to wake my brother. He went out and looked around, but no one was there. I think the dog’s barking scared them away, but I don’t know who it was or what would have happened if I hadn’t locked the door.”


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“My grandmother accidentally saved my mom’s life by not allowing her to go to a sleepover when she was young. During the night, the father murdered his entire family and would likely have killed my mother had she been there.”


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“It was very late driving & minimal cars were on the road. I came up to a red light & as it turned green, something inside me said, ‘Don’t go yet,’ & a van blew through the red light.”


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“The lump wasn’t a cyst, and the rib pain wasn’t just from coughing too hard. That was cancer.”


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“Husband went to pick up takeout in the winter while it was snowy. As he was leaving, he got a feeling to stay inside the restaurant and not go to his car. So he stayed for an extra minute, and right then, a van slid on the ice and hit his car on the driver’s side where he would have been had he gone out.”


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“A friend’s feeling saved me from my gut. I had just finished hosting a meeting (I swear it was productive), and a friend said, ‘You don’t look so good.’ I had just come off a weekend boat diving in the Red Sea and figured I was tired. My friend said, ‘Nah, man, I’m taking you to the doctor.’ 

The doctor at our clinic poked me a few times and said, ‘Take him to the Emergency Room and tell them it’s his appendix.’ I was in surgery less than 90 minutes later. My surgeon said I was 2-3 hours from it blowing up. I lived alone, and no one would have missed me until the next day.”


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“Not my life but my son’s. I was 33 weeks pregnant, and I noticed my son wasn’t moving as much as usual. I waited a day, and nothing changed. Despite advice from doctors and family saying I should stay home and he wasn’t moving as much because he was just running out of room to move, 

I went into the Emergency Room and had my son that night due to fetal distress. He had his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck eight times and weighed just 3 lbs. He spent 30 days in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and now is a happy 2-year-old.”


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“About two years ago, my dad and I loved going on night walks; It was something we’ve always done more or less every night. One night, however, as we were about halfway through our daily route, we got to an alleyway.

Now, usually, I’ve never thought anything of it, but something this night just told me not to walk through; I had a really bad feeling, and I urged my dad to go back home. He kept brushing it off and saying I was just scared of the dark and nothing would happen. 

After a couple of minutes of arguing, we finally turned back and walked home. It turns out, about 20 minutes after we left, there was a completely random attack in that exact alleyway that left a poor young girl stabbed, thankfully not to death but with life-changing injuries. I still dread what would have happened if we didn’t walk back.”



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“The guy asked me for help with bus fare and offered to take me to an ATM (Automated Teller Machine). I got a bad feeling and dipped. I saw him on the news a week later for robbing somebody at gunpoint.”


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“I was driving along a rough mountain road heading home from work. The mountain pass ends at a lake, and you navigate around the lake to meet up with the main road. 

I reached the bottom of the mountain, started down the lake road, and saw this stunning bright rainbow over the lake. I had this weird gut feeling and urge to stop and look at it; with the way the sun was shining, it didn’t make sense that there would be a rainbow, but it was mesmerizing. So I stopped and stared at it in awe. 

A couple of seconds later, as soon as I looked back at the road, a massive boulder came barreling down off the cliff about 20 meters in front of me, hit the road, and smoked all of the concrete barriers as it entered the lake. I 100% would have been killed if I hadn’t stopped.”


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“My wife was going on a road trip with friends to a bigger city for a concert. She had done this several times before. Friends were close friends of ours, but for some reason, I felt off about it that one day. I told her, ‘Babe, I don’t know why, and you can ignore me if you’d like. But I don’t think you should go. I feel like something is going to happen.’ 

She knows I’d never tell her not to do anything she wanted. It was out of the blue and out of character for me. So she decided to stay home and watch movies with me. 

About 2 hours later, after the rest of the crew left, we got a phone call that they had gotten into a severe accident. 2 friends were in the hospital, and someone from the other vehicle was dead on the scene. Had she gone along, she would have been sitting in the seat where the other driver had hit them and most likely killed them. 

Someone, somewhere, somehow, was warning me, and I’m glad we both listened to it.”


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“Years ago, I went into my garden at night, after my husband had left for a road trip minutes before, and saw a pair of sneakers in the dark, in the gap between the fence and our house. I didn’t think; I just roared, ‘What are you doing there?’ When he didn’t reply, I shouted at him to get out of my garden! He muttered, ‘Yes, ma’am,’ and scuttled off. 

Also, not thinking, I picked up a barbecue knife that happened to be right there, went through the house to the front windows, and saw him crouched by my car in the driveway. I called the cops; they arrived, and we discovered that someone (probably the same guy) had just broken into our neighbor’s house and stolen a gun. 

The cops gave me a condescending talk about the ‘risks’ of confronting a criminal, but I am convinced to this day that my instincts saved me from a life-altering and horrible experience. Humans are animals, and one animal knows when another will fight like hell. 

We got an alarm system after that. The guy came back several weeks later. I saw him on our porch, about twenty feet from the sidewalk. I called the cops again. They sent a SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) team this time and a helicopter. They got the guy. He was a serial rapist they’d been looking for years.”


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“I had a weird feeling in my chest, experienced some shortness of breath, and decided to drive to the Emergency Room and have it checked out. I was having a heart attack. Fixed me up with a stent.”


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“Not me, but my aunt decided one weekend to visit my grandmother, who was suffering from lung cancer. She stayed through Tuesday and called out of work Monday and Tuesday. She worked on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center for an engineering company. Everyone who showed up to work on 9/11 (that Tuesday) was killed; I believe the plane hit below her floor, trapping them. Lots of funerals.”

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