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16 Things You Used to Do That Are Now Too Lame. Are You Ashamed Of It Now?

As children, we often idolize certain people and things. But as we grow and mature, our definition of “cool” changes. We start to see the world through a more critical lens and realize that not everything we once admired is truly worthy of our attention.

A netizen recently asked, “What seemed pretty cool during boyhood but when you become a man it turns lame?”. Let’s read the top comments from the forum.

Not Caring About Education

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“Don’t know if this has been said yet, but not caring in general, but specifically about education. When I was in school, it was cool to skip classes and not do your work and so that’s what I did.

As a result, I had “cool” friends, didn’t graduate high school, and then didn’t wind up keeping those friends later in life since we didn’t have anything in common other than ditching class and doing drugs lol.

Still wound up getting my GED, going to college, and getting a good job. But man I could have made way more of myself if I didn’t waste my youth.”

Buying Really Expensive Things

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“Buying really expensive things just because others think they are cool.”


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“So, I remember as a boy walking on the train tracks and thinking ‘Man, if I just walked and walked I’d be a whole new world.’ Turns out it’s just the next town over with the same chain stores and restaurants.

Hell, even when you travel to other countries it can sometimes feel very same. Especially if you don’t go far from tourist traps.

The point is you have to put in a lot more effort than I thought to really find novel things out there and get away from the tourist crowds that just make everything feel so generic and bland.”

Growing Up 100%

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“Growing up 100%. All I do is think about how badly I wish I could be 7 years old again and it was 2006 playing wow with my brothers. All of the best times of my life are long past and all I can hope for is that when I die I will get to relive my childhood.”

Aggression And Toughness

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“Aggression and toughness. When I was a kid I thought tough guys were cool. Now I realize they mostly have untreated mental health issues and unresolved traumas.”

Making fun of Nerds

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“Making fun of other people who focused on academics, did not mess around with girls.”


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“Smoking. We thought we were the coolest peeps standing behind the school with some cigarettes. Then we grew up and realized that this really, really wasn’t the case.”

Drinking To Drunkenness

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“Drinking to drunkenness. What’s the point? I don’t mind the occasional drink but being drunk really isn’t that fun.”

Taking pride in Overeating

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“Taking pride in eating an abnormal amount of food. I used to take pride in being able to eat way more than everyone else which is probably why I was overweight for most of my life.

Nowadays it’s actually hard for me to eat a lot. I lift to gain weight/muscle and it’s actually kinda annoying to meet my calorie count cause it’s very high volume.

Also, drinking in excess. I still drink but the appeal of being outright drunk is unappealing to me now. Makes it too easy to make dumb mistakes and hangovers are awful when you need to workout the next day”

The People Pleasing Attitude

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“The need to impress others, especially with the latest name brand clothes, electronics, etc.”

Making Homemade Fireworks

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“Making ‘homemade fireworks,’ which were basically small bombs. Today, me and my friends would get arrested in an instant.”

Strip Clubs

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“Strip clubs. A total waste of money and a bad time.”

Constantly Trying To Find Someone

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“Constantly trying to find girls and have a physical relationship with them. It’s absolutely insufferable seeing grown men who still haven’t figured out which head to think with.”

Sports Cars

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“Sports cars. I have a car that has a slightly sporty suspension and even that is too uncomfortable on the roads we have. I can’t imagine what kind of hell it would be to drive a real sports car here.”


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“I thought driving was gonna be so cool and for a few years, it was. But now much of my driving is in traffic back and forth to work. I guess I should be thankful that I even have a car though.”

Being Popular In High School

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“Being popular in high school. As an adult, I dare you to tell a stranger in a bar you were cool in high school without feeling like a total loser.”

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