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16 Money-Making Ideas That Fail Way More Often Than You Would Think

I’ve tried many side hustles over the years, some with more success than others. But one side hustle flopped so entirely that it still gives me nightmares. A user asked the forum, “Which side hustle completely flopped for you?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“Blogging. Tried it for many years besides my day job and had several blogs on niche subjects. We had many visitors but never enough to get a steady cash flow. I call it a flop because I wasted too much time on it.”


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“DD/Uber eats. Tried it cause I was bored and had some excellent promos. After the promos ended, it was wasted and not worth my time. I do catering orders on a different app now and then, making $500-$600 a month. It takes up less time, and I receive orders the day ahead. Can be picky with which ones I take and not get dinged on any metrics.”


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“Drop shipping. Gave it three attempts. Never again.”


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“Selling cocaine did years in jail.”


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“Selling handmade items at pop-up boutiques. They’re all overrun with MLM and stuff from China, and people in my area are notoriously cheap.”


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“Not my screw-up, but… woodworking. People don’t seem to want to pay for that kind of labor. But you can be successful at $3/hr all day long.”


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“Jewelry making. The market is too over-saturated with at-home crafters and imported junk, and people aren’t willing to pay for your time or supplies.”


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“Wholesaler of disposable take away packaging. Didn’t realize how much money you would have to spend to buy in bulk to make a slight profit per piece. I just didn’t dare to invest that amount of money.

It is easy to reach out to potential customers, and being slightly cheaper than the big wholesale chains will bring you many happy clients. I didn’t do my research properly. Nothing says you can’t, though.”



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“Mining cryptocurrency. I bought a helium miner for $500. Then, the coin’s value dropped from $30 to $1.50. I made about 20 bucks.”


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“Becoming a “pro” gamer. I was never good enough and wasn’t funny enough. Should have quit a while ago and made my blogs earlier. Who knows where I would be.”


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“Doordash. Mostly because I don’t live in the biggest town.It was just a letdown to get on and only be able to make 45 bucks a day and use a full tank of gas because everyone lives outside of the main town.”


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“Etsy print on demand. The account got suspended due to late payment. Paid either way and submitted an appeal and remain suspended.”


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“Made four attempts buying things that look valuable at garage sales, bought them low—tried selling them for a lot higher on the marketplace and eBay. Ended up donating 3 to a church furniture donation place.

The last item going to sell, I tell you, dammit. It just needs more time. Anyway, after that piece, I am done.”


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“Tried SaaS marketing services. You wasted so much time and money just to find that the market is supersaturated, and you have to price your services so low to make a profit.

You have to hit astronomical sales numbers. Absolute waste.”


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“Claw machine in a mall. Didn’t lose money but broke even. The rent was $600 a month. Some months made more, others less. Sold machine after about six months.”


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“Lawn Mowing. Route density takes years to build. Hard work, too, and different from mowing your yard.”

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